Anodized Pearl Paint Finish in Rocket League

Anodized Pearl is a Rocket League paint finish of Very Rare quality that is a part of the Totally Awesome series. According to general consensus, it is by far the most often used paint finish among Rocket League players. The paint finish is obtainable via drops, blueprint, item shop, and trading. Anodized Pearl is a tradeable item and is typically worth between 100 – 200 Credits on all four platforms – PC, Xbox, PSN, & Nintendo Switch.

The are many designs that use Anodized Pearl but the most common one’s typically pair it with Ombre Decal and Glossy or Toon Glossy secondary paint finish for a super-shiny effect. The most common wheels paired with said designs are usually Black Sterns, Black Diecis or Black OEMs.

Anodized Pearl is also used by many pro rocket league players. It is debatable who popularized this paint finish among the masses but some believe that oKhalid’s purple Fennec with black Critiano’s and Alpha Boost could have been it.

Difference between Anodized Pearl and Anodized

Similar to the Pearlescent Paint Finish, Anodized Pearl also exhibits a secondary color (or accent color) while Anodized shows only the primary color. Both of them have the same shine to them. However, sometimes in your designs it may appear as though Anodized Pearl is shinier because of its Pearl Effect paired with lighter shades of secondary color like white.

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