Remnant 2 is here and it’s looking better than the original

Image shows the Medic Archetype. Thumbnail Image of a preview post on what to expect with Remnant 2

Remnant 2, the successor to the hit game Remnant: From the Ashes, challenges players to combat fearsome god-like enemies and bosses across several terrifying worlds.
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Representing the last survivors of humanity, you get to either embark on this journey alone or team up with two friends in co-op mode. Your mission is to halt an evil force from dismantling reality. Survival and success depend heavily on individual skills and teamwork, as you try to overcome daunting obstacles to prevent the extinction of humanity.

New Features in Remnant 2

Image showing Remnant 2 Game LogoThe game introduces a brand new expanded Archetype system that offers players distinctive passive bonuses and impressive powers. Players can unlock several archetypes, increase their levels, and combine them to suit multiple play styles.The game’s logo is full of symbolic meanings. It’s a numeral “2”, that obviously represents the second game in the series but is also designed to resemble the divided World Stone, a representation of Dual Archetypes that you can observe on the game’s Character page.The logo’s overall theme reflects the concept of a Labyrinth.

Difficulty Levels

Image shows the 4 difficulty settings of Remnant 2The game offers four difficulty levels:
  1. Survivor: This is the fundamental gaming experience intended for most players. It’s a challenging but fair level that’s been carefully balanced to test but not overwhelm players.
  2. Veteran: This level is a bit harder. Here, enemies are more dangerous but not excessively resilient. This difficulty is a great choice for players looking for a more demanding experience right off the bat.
  3. Nightmare: This level is seriously hard, filled with bosses who are incredibly tough. While it’s not recommended as a starting difficulty, it’s available for players who are ready for a significant challenge.
  4. Apocalypse: This is the final test of everything you’ve learned and acquired throughout the game. This level is meant for strategic builds and precise gameplay, and it features incredibly strong and lethal bosses. Apocalypse is unlocked after completing the game on any other difficulty level.
The difficulty you choose should reflect what suits you best, not what other players are choosing. If you’re feeling ready for a harder challenge, you can reroll the campaign or embark on a new adventure at a higher difficulty whenever you want.Lastly, there’s an option to start the game in Hardcore Mode. But, you might want to hold off on selecting this mode until you’re more familiar with the game.

Intense Combat Experience

A screengrab of combat from gameplay in Remnant 2Remnant 2 offers a gripping combat system that blends both methodical and frenetic fighting styles for close-range and long-range battles. The game lets you choose weapons and optimize equipment tailored for a diverse range of situations such as facing tricky enemies and engaging in massive boss fights.Highly-skilled players are prompted to join forces to surmount these challenges and seize the most significant prizes.


A screengrab of gameplay from Remnant 2In Remnant 2, even the most seasoned players will need to rely on their resolve to survive the branching quest lines, augments, crafting, and loot rewards in dynamically created dungeons and locations.As players prevail in the face of overwhelming odds, playthroughs will feel difficult, interesting, and gratifying. The numerous worlds are intertwined with a variety of storylines, promoting exploration and repeated visits thereby ensuring high replayability.
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Explore New Words

A screengrab of one of the worlds in Remnant 2Players can choose to explore the game’s eerie new worlds alone or in the company of friends. These worlds, teeming with mythological beasts and lethal foes, provide a real test of survival.There’s a multitude of worlds to discover, each populated with unique creatures and loaded with various weapons and items. Players can employ and improve these items to take on increasingly difficult challenges.

New to Remnant?

No worries. Here’s Founder Ford (an infamous NPC from the series) giving you a quick lowdown on all there is to know.And here’s a quick summary of what Ford said in the video.
A few decades ago, an unimaginable evil known as ‘the root’ infiltrated our world, leading to our greatest triumph and our ultimate downfall. This evil came from a door that was opened to worlds beyond our comprehension, destroying everything in its wake. Although we dealt a heavy blow to the root, buying ourselves some time, the situation remains dire. We rebuilt as best we could, licked our wounds, and forged a path forward, but time is running out. Everything is prey to the root, and as long as they exist, we will always be hunted.Now, we need you to journey to dangerous but wondrous worlds to stop the root once and for all. To survive, you’ll need to push your skills to the limit. However, mere survival is not enough. We need you to prevail. Make use of whatever gear you can find, modify your weapons with whatever you can salvage during your travels, and think strategically about the backup you need. We are counting on you to halt this infestation before it extinguishes the last glimmer of humanity.If you fail, the consequences will be unthinkable. Therefore, failure is not an option. Our future is in your hands. Without you, everything we know and love will fall to ash.
Remnant 2 is all set to release on 25 July 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Epic and Steam).