Bosses and Enemies in Remnant 2 and How to Defeat them

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The following is a list of the general threats and bosses in Remnant 2 that we know of so far. This is likely only a fraction of all the threats that will exist in the game.
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This page is a work in progress, the list of enemy types, the details of elites and bosses, and the strategies on how to defeat each one of them will be updated in time after the game’s release.


The NightweaverWorld BossLosomn
FaelinWorld BossLosomn
FaerinWorld BossLosomn
The Red PrinceLosomn
The HuntressLosomn
Magister DullainLosomn
Bloat KingLosomn
The CouncilLosomn
Gwendil: The UnburntLosomn
Barghest The VileAberrationLosomn
The ExecutionerAberrationLosomn
Grime CrawlerAberrationLosomn
Tal RathaWorld BossN’erud
Tal Ratha (Metaphysical)World BossN’erud
Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’erudWorld BossN’erud
The Custodian’s EyeN’erud
The AstropathN’erud
E.D. AlphaN’erud
W.D. 109AberrationN’erud
Restless SpiritAberrationN’erud
Fetid CorpseAberrationN’erud
AnnihilationWorld BossRoot Earth
CancerRoot Earth
VenomRoot Earth
Labyrinth SentinelWorld BossThe Labyrinth
BastionAberrationThe Labyrinth
CorruptorWorld BossYaesha
Corrupted RavagerWorld BossYaesha
Mother MindYaesha
Kaeula’s ShadowYaesha
The ProgenyAberrationYaesha
The Weald Stalker and The Gnarled ArcherAberrationYaesha


  1. Dran Demolisher
  2. Custodian Eye
  3. Septisite
  4. Labyrinth Watcher
  5. Bone Harvester
  6. Fae Scions
  7. Fae Painless
  8. Fae Golden Knight
  9. Legion
  10. Root Behemoth
  11. Root Terror
  12. Apostate
  13. Root Grenadier


Here’s a list of some other notable threats
  1. Unnamed Boss #1 – This Boss Riding Creature with Horns
  2. Unnamed Threat #1 – This Root Creature
  3. More Unammed Threats – Friends or Foes?


Animated Image of Kaeula's Shadow - a boss from Remnant 2
Kaeula’s Shadow
A large root-like monster that aims to push players into deep water, effectively limiting their dodging abilities. The challenge here lies more in the arena and boss mechanics than in additional enemies.


Animated Image of Ravager - a boss from Remnant 2
Corrupted Ravager
The Ravager, first seen in the location of Yaesha in Remnant: From the Ashes, is coming back in Remnant 2 as the Corrupted Ravager. When dealing with the Corrupted Ravager, players are advised to stick to five basic defense moves: dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and more dodging. When in doubt, running away is also a good option.
How to beat the Corrupted Ravager?
The best way to tackle the Ravager is to keep it at a medium or long distance. The creature is likely to try and leap at the player, so moving to the side and shooting at it continuously is a good approach.However, if/when the Corrupted Ravager consumes The Doe, it gains the ability to start a powerful wave attack and a charge attack, making long-distance counterattacks more challenging.
Attacks & Counters
  1. The Claw Attack involves two diagonal slashes made by the boss right in front of him. Dodge backward and, if necessary, evade again.
  2. The Root Wave attack is a forward wave of energy covering a wide area. Dodge to the sides and keep moving to evade.
  3. The Summon Root Tumbler attack summons several enemies from Corrupted Ravager’s back. The best counter is to kill these summoned enemies as quickly as possible since they make the fight significantly harder.
  4. In the Energy Wave attack (after having eaten the Doe), the Corrupted Ravager attracts everything around it (including the player) towards itself, unleashing a damaging energy wave along with a howl that can stun you if you are close. The only counter to this is preventive, i.e. maintaining distance from the boss. Once caught in the pull and stunned by the howl, you can’t really do much to escape the hit.
  5. The Charge attack is the other attack that comes after the boss eats the Doe. This can be evaded with a timely sidewards dodge and roll.


Animated Image of Mother Mind - a boss from Remnant 2
Mother Mind
Mother Mind’s main attack pattern involves using its clause. It unleashes extensive sweeping attacks and tries to stab players using its claws from above as well.It also has the ability to shatter the platform on which players stand in fact it does this often so you’ve got to be alert and on the move. On defeating the Mother Mind, players receive Trait Points and a Cordyceps Gland enabling them to experiment with new weapon modifications.


Animated Image of Nightweaver - a boss from Remnant 2
The Nightweaver is an agile spectral entity, an eerie embodiment of the Fae Goddess of Sleep. It is highly elusive and has the ability to immobilize players in several ways including a nasty ability to pin them down on the ground.


Animated Image of The Red Prince - a boss from Remnant 2
The Red Prince
The Red Prince looks like a fiery variant of the Fae Golden Knight. It loves fire and uses numerous fire-based attacks, making the fight extremely intense.


Animated Image of The Many Faces World Boss from Remnant 2
Many Faces World Boss


Animated Image of Dran Demolisher - an enemy with a Chainsaw from Remnant 2
Dran Demolisher
The Dran Demolisher (that chainsaw dude) is a determined and ferocious opponent, always eager for a fight.This brutish character will aggressively charge toward the player, wielding a chainsaw that’s spinning menacingly. This could result in quite a gruesome situation.However, there’s one potential saving grace – the chainsaw the Demolisher uses has a habit of stalling. With any luck, it’ll stop working before it gets to the player.Stay alert and listen for the sound of the chainsaw revving.


Animated Image of the Custodian Eye - an enemy from Remnant 2
Custodian Eye
The Custodian Eye is a formidable flying robotic adversary.It’s equipped with protective barrier shields and is capable of launching laser attacks. What makes it particularly formidable is its perfect 20/20 targeting, meaning it never misses its mark.This precision, symbolized as an unwavering gaze, makes it a joke among players that you’ll never win a staring contest against this robotic eye.


Animated Image of Septisite - an enemy from Remnant 2
In Remnant 2 you’re going to be spending a lot of time in otherworldly realms and encountering various alien species. One such creature is the Septisite.The Septisite is particularly dangerous due to its tentacles and insatiable hunger. Don’t let the Septisite get too close or it’s game over. Better stay vigilant and maintain a safe distance from the Septisite’s tentacles to survive.


Animated Image of the Labyrinth Watcher - an enemy from Remnant 2
Labyrinth Watcher
The Labyrinth in Remnant 2 presents multiple challenges. One among these challenges is the Labyrinth Watchers, the guards of this complex structure.These creatures actively seek to protect their domain from intruders, which include the players themselves.However, the threats in the Labyrinth aren’t limited to these beings. There are also environmental dangers, such as falling through stairs, adding more layers of complexity to the game.


Animated Image of Bone Harvester - an enemy from Remnant 2
Bone Harvester
Be wary of the Bone Harvester, a sneaky adversary that tends to emerge from the darkness of sewer grates when you least expect it.Contrary to what one might associate with fictional sewer-dwelling creatures, the Bone Harvester is not there for pizza. Instead, this creature has a rather gruesome interest: it’s after your bones.


Animated Image of Fae Scions - an enemy from Remnant 2
Fae Scions
Fae Scions, creatures with a tragic past were once mighty mages, possessing considerable power. However, after their world was split apart, they transformed, becoming grotesque distortions of the entities they once were.Despite their disturbing transformation, they retain a certain element of their old selves, always greeting players with a distinct, toothy smile.


Animated Image of Fae Painless - an enemy from Remnant 2
Fae Painless
Fae Painless appears like a moving iron maiden, a medieval torture device. However, its actions are contrary to its intimidating appearance. Surprisingly, the Fae Painless only seems to express a wish to hug the players.


Animated Image of Fae Golden Knight - an enemy from Remnant 2
Fae Golden Knight
These fearsome foes harness the power of light to energize their weapons, unleashing a relentless onslaught of combined melee and magic attacks. Adding to the challenge, the Golden Knights also afflict players with a new debuff effect.Want a remedy for this debuff? Embark on a journey of discovery to find the cure yourself.


Animated Image of Root Legion - an enemy from Remnant 2
Root Legion


Animated Image of Root Behemoth - an enemy from Remnant 2
Root Behemoth
The Root Behemoth is a creature armed with unique “living” axes, which can explode upon being thrown.These weapons are not finite; they regrow from the Behemoth’s body, replenishing its arsenal. Despite the monster having an evident weak spot, it’s no easy task for the players to find an opportune moment to strike it.


Animated Image of Root Terror - an enemy from Remnant 2
Root Terror
Root Terror uses its tentacle arm as a long-range weapon, capable of trapping players from a distance.When engaged in close-quarters combat, the Root Terror brandishes an axe, dealing devastating damage. Your strategy hinges on figuring out the most effective way to counter this double threat posed by the Root Terror.


Animated Image of Apostate - an enemy from Remnant 2
As players traverse the floating islands of Pan in the game, they must remain on high alert for a dangerous creature known as the Apostate.This malicious entity seeks to hinder their progress, not with typical means, but with potent death lasers that it fires, turning an otherwise tranquil journey into a deadly obstacle course.


Animated Image of Root Grenadier - an enemy from Remnant 2
Root Grenadier
This menacing creature acts like a mobile artillery unit, launching a barrage of toxic attacks.You are inevitably destined to come face-to-face with the Root Grenadier during their journey in Yaesha. Whether you are ready for this challenge or not, you must confront this daunting adversary.


Animated Image of an Unnamed Boss riding a horned creature from Remnant 2
Unnamed horned-creature-riding Boss
Here’s another tweet featuring this guy