Best Starting Classes in Ravenswatch for Solo Play

If you’re venturing into the world of Ravenswatch, a game with class-based characters, and looking to embark on a solo adventure, choosing the right starting class is crucial. In a game like Ravenswatch, selecting the right one can greatly impact your gameplay experience. Among the many starting classes in Ravenswatch, three stand out as top choices for solo play. These classes offer unique abilities, playstyles, and strengths that can help you tackle the challenges of the game on your own.


first best starting class in ravenswatch - scarlet
No. 1 – Scarlet

Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood/Demon Hunter hybrid): Scarlet is a versatile and powerful hero who combines traits of Little Red Riding Hood and Demon Hunter. During the day, she utilizes bombs and acrobatics to deal with enemies from a distance. At night, she transforms into a formidable werewolf with devastating abilities.

Her dash attack is powerful and allows her to quickly close in on enemies, while her daggers provide a lethal up-close option. Her werewolf form boasts an impressive AOE pound ability that can stagger multiple foes, and a bloodthirsty ability that allows her to regenerate health by damaging enemies for a limited time.

The ability to switch between day and night forms provides two different movesets, making Scarlet a versatile and effective hero in various combat scenarios.


second best starting class in ravenswatch - the pied piper
No. 2 – The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper (Necromancer/Rat summoner): The Pied Piper is a unique hero who summons an army of rats to do his bidding. With the ability to spawn up to 20 rats at once, the Pied Piper can overwhelm enemies with sheer numbers.

He also has abilities that allow him to send damaging notes from a distance, making him effective in ranged combat. The right combination of using his flute from a distance and coordinating attacks with his rat army can quickly dispatch smaller mobs of enemies.

With proper upgrades, the Pied Piper can become a formidable force on the battlefield.


third best starting class in ravenswatch - beowulf
No. 3 – Beowulf

Beowulf (Barbarian): Beowulf is a straightforward and powerful hero who excels in melee combat. As a barbarian, he wields a mighty sword as his primary weapon, dealing substantial damage to enemies.

He also has access to classic barbarian abilities such as whirlwind attack and ground slam, which further enhance his close-combat prowess. Additionally, Beowulf is the only starting class that has the ability to defend himself with a shield, making him a resilient and self-sufficient hero in battles.

If you’re just starting with the game, do check out my 5 beginner tips that will save you a lot of time, effort, and mistakes. What are your best picks for starting classes in solo play? Share in comments.

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