How to get started with Ravenswatch

From the early response, it looks like Ravenswatch is well on its way to become 2023’s best Indie Game. If you’re new to Ravenswatch and haven’t been bogged down by those annoying DX12 errors, then here are 5 tips to help you get started with this amazing real-time combat game.

What is Ravenswatch?

For the unaware, Ravenswatch is a new indie roguelite action game currently in early access. It features six heroes: Scarlet, the Pied Piper, Beowulf, the Snow Queen, Aladdin, and Melusine. Each hero has unique abilities and movesets.

Scarlet is a melee character who transforms into a werewolf at night. The Pied Piper is a ranged caster who can send out musical notes and control rats. Beowulf is a traditional warrior with a fire-infused worm companion. The Snow Queen is a mage who chills enemies and then shatters them for massive damage. Aladdin is a quick melee character with three wishes that grant abilities. Melusine is a ranged caster who sends out a damaging wisp and has an escape mechanic.

If you just got the game and want some help with starting classes, the do check this guide.

Each hero has a trait that ties to their character identity and affects their gameplay. Basic attacks and power abilities are important in each hero’s kit, with the power ability usually dealing the most damage. Special abilities have high damage potential and unique functions. For example, Aladdin’s special ability builds up an enchantment buff, while the Pied Piper’s special ability weakens enemies in a vulnerable zone.

Ravenswatch is still in early access, and changes may occur in the coming weeks and months. Understanding the unique abilities and traits of each hero is crucial for mastering the game’s gameplay and progression system.

Beginner's Guide to Ravenswatch
Beginner’s Guide to Ravenswatch

5 Starting Tips for Ravenswatch

  1. Ignore the mobs you may encounter on pathways. Focus strictly on activity nodes for XP. Your goal is to quickly get the power-ups from the activity nodes and defeat the mobs guarding them. Move on to the next activity node, collecting as much cash and power-ups as possible before the boss fight.
  2. Events have 3 variants based on distance from spawn: green, yellow, red. Green is easiest, yellow is moderate, and red is hardest but most rewarding. When you start, quickly explore all sides of the spawn point and focus on the green events first. Then, progress to the yellow events, and finally, tackle the red events.
  3. The 3 wishes from Aladdin are useful in the case of both solo and group play. You can use your wishes on items and gold to quickly clean up the map from the beginning. This will help you do more exploration and spend less time fighting.
  4. Explore map for mini boss, book, door, wishing well, healing shrine, quest, giant shards, and purple raven statue. You can read more about each of these under the Map Tips section on this guide.
  5. The quest handler for the 3 pigs offers quests for wood, stone, and straw. Wood can be obtained from evil trees, stone can be found in quarries with stone deposits, but straw is scattered across the map in heavily guarded spots and can be quite annoying to collect. It’s best to avoid it as much as possible, as it’s not worth the effort.

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