List of all playable Characters in Railway Empire 2

In Railway Empire 2, there are 6 different characters for you to chose from, each with unique strengths and weaknesses that will affect how you play. Remember, these characters are not just for you, they’re also your AI opponents who will try their best to outmaneuver you in the game.

The Characters are:

  1. Idris K. Bailey, The Engineer
  2. Barti Shiloh, The Gangster
  3. Héléne Gérard, The Entrepreneur
  4. Walter Pajonk, The Professor
  5. General Donovan, The General
  6. Madam Ward, The Lady

Idris K. Bailey, The Engineer

The Engineer, Idris K. Bailey - Railway Empire 2

  • Technical genius: 20% lower costs for tracks, tunnels, and bridges.
  • Maintenance: All locomotives require 10% less maintenance.
  • Ineffective Leader: 5% less staff efficiency.

Backstory: Idris, born in Portsmouth, studied in Paris to be an engineer, funded by odd jobs and friends. Despite facing several challenges, his inventions and tenacity have made him a renowned name in engineering.

Barti Shiloh, The Gangster

The Gangster, Barti Shiloh - Railway Empire 2

  • Shady Contacts: All saboteurs are 50% cheaper.
  • Secretive: All new buildings within a city are 50% cheaper.
  • Self-taught: 30% higher costs for tracks, tunnels, and bridges.

Backstory: A Brooklyn native and son of Russian immigrants, Barti climbed the ranks of the Jewish Mob due to his cleverness. He entered the railroad business to provide transport for his organization.

Héléne Gérard, The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur, Héléne Gérard - Railway Empire 2

  • Social Skills: 5% higher staff efficiency.
  • Avid Following: The bonus from express trains is 20% instead of 10%.
  • Safety-conscious: Maintenance completed 10% slower.

Backstory: Hélene, a native of Dunkirk, took over her inherited estate and multiplied her wealth through smart railway investments. Her goal? To become one of the world’s wealthiest women.

Walter Pajonk, The Professor

The Professor, Walter Pajonk - Railway Empire 2

  • Eloquent: The costs of an auction are subsequently reduced by 30%.
  • Fluent in Business: All locomotives are 60% cheaper.
  • Unpopular: 15% less revenue from passengers & mail.

Backstory: Walter, born in Stuttgart, Germany, went from stonemason to a professor of descriptive geometry. His railway line projects were successful, and he views the railway business as a game.

General Donovan, The General

The General, General Donovan - Railway Empire 2

  • Strict Regiment: 30% lower track construction costs.
  • Intimidating: Sabotage defense increased by 20%.
  • Down to Earth: 30% higher costs for tunnels & bridges.

Backstory: General Donovan, from Danvers, Massachusetts, began his career surveying railway lines and later joined the war as an officer and railway expert.

Madam Ward, The Lady

The Lady, Madam Ward - Railway Empire 2

  • Manufacturer: Factory and rural business upgrades are 30% cheaper.
  • Visionary: Can acquire factories from the city without an auction.
  • Price War: 10% less revenue from freight.

Backstory: Madam Ward, born free in Delta, Louisiana, created a successful cosmetic product line for women of color, leading her to a rapidly growing business. She entered the railway business to better manage the distribution of her products.

Railway Empire 2 offers players lots of ways to play. You can run through a 5-chapter campaign, tackle one of 14 different scenarios, or go wild in Free Play or Construction mode. And if you’ve got buddies who are into trains too, you can team up in Co-op Multiplayer mode. Or if you like none of that, just sit back, hop on a train, and enjoy the view.

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