OXENFREE 2 Guide: Tips for First-Time Players

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New OXENFREE II players are often curious to know if there are tips or strategies for first-time players to approach the game. Most tips and methods apply when you’re replaying the game or if you are aiming for 100% achievements.The best advice for new players is to not stress about your choices and instead, act as you see fit.In your first run, it is best to approach OXENFREE 2 as if it were an interactive novel, shaping the narrative based on your responses to situations.
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At its heart, the game encourages exploration, and you will not be penalized for it. Multiple playthroughs are practically necessary to fully understand the unfolding story. Besides, the weighty choices become clearer as you experience playthroughs.The essential rule is to have fun, embrace the game’s immersive world, and not overthink the process. That said, here are some useful details that will make your first playthrough much easier.

Choice Mechanic

OXENFREE II: Lost Signals is built around a realistic dialogue system that gives players the freedom to talk as they would in real life. The choice of whether to speak or remain silent significantly influences the reactions of other characters.
Image shows how your choice significantly influences outcomes in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals
The game is built around the mechanic of Choice
You are encouraged to actively participate in delivering critical information through the main characters. Riley, for instance, will only talk when you decide so by pressing a button. This creates a nuanced, branching, and timing-based dialogue system, allowing you to freely express yourself through the character.Conversations can be interrupted anytime, giving birth to endless possibilities. There are certain rules in place on how conversations start, get interrupted, and continue. Every dialogue option for the character is controlled by the player, resulting in an intricate web of storylines.The objective is to achieve a more naturalistic and immersive conversational experience. The introduction of the walkie-talkie tool offers more diversity to conversations and interactions which are no longer limited to just three choices. This tool empowers you to communicate with a host of other characters, decide to interrupt tasks, and choose to engage in conversations when called by others.This new mechanic makes the game world seem much larger than in the original OXENFREE and grants you greater control over your interactions and relationship developments. This unique approach to communication in gameplay creates a sense of urgency and realism, as you try to keep up with the pace of unfolding situations

Meet the Characters

The 4 main characters in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals areJacob Summers: Jacob is a handyman living with his dog, Buddha. Jacob has never left his hometown, Camena, where he went to high school with the main character of the game, Riley. Known for his unique facial hair and hipster hat, Jacob finds himself drawn to the mysteries and supernatural events in his town.
Image shows Jacob Summers, one of the main characters in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals
Jacob Summers
Maggie Adler: Jacob’s life and storyline are intertwined with the events of the original OXENFREE game and a character named Maggie Adler. Maggie, who served as a communications officer during World War II, discovered the strange capacities of radios and is credited with finding a sunken submarine and its radio signals.As a child, Jacob was friends with Maggie, who stirred his curiosity about the peculiar radio signals around their town.
Image shows Maggie Addler, one of the main characters in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals
Maggie Addler
Riley Poverly: Our main character is Riley, an adventurous individual raised by her single father. The game sheds light on her struggles, both personal and monumental, such as dealing with Parentage’s threat to her future and the opening of a supernatural portal.Riley, a military veteran and a native of Camena, seeks purpose in her life. The game chronicles her return home and her interactions with Jacob, her father, and new characters along the way.
Image shows Riley Poverly, the protagonist in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals
Riley Poverly (Protagonist)
Parentage: OXENFREE II also introduces players to a secretive cult called Parentage, the main villain of the story. This small, religious entity, known for their masks adorned with lunar symbols, has a deep-rooted history in the town and seeks to exploit supernatural phenomena for their benefit.Other Characters: Some of the other characters that you can expect to encounter in the game are Olivia, Violet, Charlie, Evelyn, Maria, Shelley, Hank, and Nick as mentioned in this Instagram post by Night School Studio.
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Who / What is Parentage?

The devs have cleverly used electromagnetic radio waves and frequencies to connect different timelines within the game. This way, elements of the original game have been woven into the sequel, allowing the actions of the sequel’s villains to infiltrate the original game.Fans of the original game might have noticed the insertion of new, odd signals and frequencies in OXENFREE. These are originating from the sequel’s villains, Parentage. The signals reveal the motives and challenges of Parentage and what they are currently doing.
Image shows Parentage, the Mysterious Antagonists in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals
Parentage (Antagonists)
The villains seem to be plotting to use the power of the portals for their nefarious schemes. Players get to encounter Parentage, a creepy, ominous group with few remaining members who come off as edgy and strange. They are the main antagonists in this sequel who aspire to make changes for the better but are oblivious to the repercussions of their actions. These consequences could potentially disrupt the fabric of the time-space continuum.

Links between Parts I & II

While you could dive into OXENFREE II without having played the first game or prior knowledge of it, playing the original would enrich your experience much more. Here’s how.The story begins when Alex, the first game’s protagonist, accidentally opens a rift to another dimension during a beach party on Edwards Island. This event sets the stage for both OXENFREE games.Decades earlier, a woman named Maggie Adler unintentionally opened the first portal during a submarine accident. She discovered a radio signal from the crashed submarine that, when tuned correctly, could open a space-time gap, letting ghosts through.
Image shows Alex, the Protagonist in the first OXENFREE game accidentally opening a rift between worlds.
Alex opening a Rift in the OG OXENFREE
The radio isn’t just a tool; it opens up an entirely new dimension of exploration. Players can explore different parts of the island and infinite radio frequencies. Plus, they can interact with specific objects that resonate with particular frequencies, leading to the opening of portals, time tears, or unlocking elements left by the military.
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The game’s universe is not based on the idea of linear time and instead relies on time loops and alternate timelines that enable an intriguing narrative. OXENFREE is characterized by infinite timelines but not infinite space, meaning events keep repeating.Adding depth to the narrative are themes of personal growth and regret, as well as the task of uncovering past problems.