Best Kai Builds to Dominate Omega Strikers

How to play Kai in Omega Strikers

Kai has risen to the top of the current meta in Omega Strikers, and is the preferred character of choice for many. For new players who are unsure how to play Kai effectively or whether Kai is a better Goalie or Forward, this post will serve as a simple build guide as we will take a detailed look at his abilities and outline some of the Best Kai Builds so you can win more games with him.First let’s start by breaking down Kai’s most prominent advantages and disadvantages.


There are many builds for Kai but these 6 are probably the most used. And, while it is true that Kai is perhaps the best Goalie in the game, there is no reason to use him with creative builds to try and play forward and midfield too.

Best Forward Builds:

  1. Build #1: Cross Over + Rapid Fire + Super Surge With Rapid Fire, you can unleash a higher number of barrages, increasing the frequency of chip damage or goal opportunities. Meanwhile, Super Surge and Crossover provide the necessary movement speed to reach your targets efficiently.
  2. Build #2: Rapid Fire + Super Surge + Extra Special This is one is made to stun them – move fast, hit faster. Super surge increases Kai’s movement speed by 20% and both Rapid Fire and Extra Special reduce the cooldown duration of his primary (Barrage) by 12% and 15% respectively.
  3. Build #3: Cross Over + Super Surge + Missile Propulsion Similar to first build, except here, the ‘Missile Propulsion’ perk helps with better core control when playing from the midfield and trying to build up scoring pressure from a safe distance.

Best Goalie Builds:

  1. Build #1: Cast to Last + Rapid Fire + Perfect Form Focusing on Kai’s key strength, speed, this goalkeeper build utilizes Perfect Form and Rapid Fire to significantly decrease the cooldown periods for both the Secondary (Blazing Pace) and Ultimate (Giga Blast) abilities. In addition, Cast to Last extends the duration of your secondary, resulting in almost non-stop Blazing Pace availability! The effectiveness of this build is so remarkable, it almost feels like cheating.
  2. Build #2: Cast to Last + Rapid Fire + Perfect Form This defense-oriented goalkeeper build is simple. Kai’s primary ability cooldown will be reduced by 12% with Rapid Fire. With Super Surge, his movement abilities get a 20% bump, while his dashes and blinks gain 50% range and his hastes become 50% faster. Lastly, Built Differently makes him 35% bigger and he hits 5% harder.
  3. Build #3: Cross Over + Stacks on Stacks + Missile Propulsion In this goalie-build Missile Propulsion gives you the extra range you need for some proper midfield control using Kai’s special ability – Giga Blast. Crossover is great for mobility and helps you with those blinking fast clears. And stacks on stacks helps with additional power and speed, both of which are beneficial for Kai.

What are his advantages?

  1. His greatest advantage, without any doubt is his speed. Kai’s incredible speed enables him to zip around the map and enable forwards.
  2. Harnessing the power of his speed can enable effective midfield control. Therefore it is safe to assume that a skilled Kai player can make it difficult for opponents to get clean shots on the goal.
  3. Kai’s ultimate – Giga Blast, has immense potential to score and create opportunities for teammates.
Kai's Secondary - Blazing Pace
Kai’s greatest advantage is his speed

What are his disadvantages?

  1. Due to his lack of reliable defensive tools, Kai can struggle when opponents get in his face making him more vulnerable to close attacks.
  2. To maximize Kai’s potential, you may need to hit skill shots on a regular basis. This over-dependence on skill shots can also become a weakness which can easily be exploited by some experienced opponents.
Kai's Primary - Barrage
Kai’s Primary: A barrage of 5 light hits

Kai’s Abilities:

  1. Barrage (Primary): True to its name, Kai’s primary ability delivers a barrage of light hits (five fireballs, to be precise)  that can misdirect the core and peel opponents. To make most plays, you need to land two or three fireballs.
  2. Blazing Pace (Secondary): Kai’s secondary skill, Blazing Pace, is a sprint that temporarily increases his movement speed, allowing him to dodge an X or catch a fast-moving scorcher towards his own net.
  3. Giga Blast (Ultimate): Kai’s special ability is really impressive! When fired, it can be used for redirection, knockouts, and scoring opportunities. Giga Blast is a powerful projectile that deals significant damage and pushes targets (that are directly impacted) away quite a bit.
With all his traits and abilities broken down to basics, now let’s look at trainings.

Optimal Trainings for Kai:

Choosing the appropriate training for every character can significantly influence your in-game performance. Therefore, identifying the optimal perks to use for Kai is of utmost importance. With that in mind, the following 5 trainings (perks) are perhaps the most advantageous.
  • Use Rapid Fire to lower cooldown duration of Kai’s primary – Barrage.
  • Use Cast to Last to extend ability buffs and haste.
  • Use Stacks on Stacks to gain stacking haste and power buffs.
  • Use Crossover or Perfect Form to let you select whether to increase haste after striking the core or reduce cooldowns by hitting abilities.
Although, these 5 trainings compliment Kai’s abilities well, there are still plenty of other combinations that may be worth a shot.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Barrage is ideal for exploiting goalkeepers’ defensive strategies. They can only strike once, whereas you have five fireballs available. A goal is guaranteed if they do not use their abilities. This strategy is applicable to any 1v1 situation, not just scoring situations.
  2. Kai’s powerful weapon is Giga Blast which has the ability to knock out opponents who are too close to the edge. When you want to powerfully redirect the core or an opposing striker, use Giga Blast.
  3. Lastly, if you aren’t the Goalie, please get out of the goal!