10 Common Beginner Questions in Nova Lands

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Nova Lands is finally going to be available as a complete game (not early access) after its Demo and Prologue: Emilia’s Mission received overly positive feedback from thousands of users on steam. The developers are likely to release a brand new trailer and announce a confirmed launch date (for June 2023) on 7th June. The game releases on 22 Jun, 2023Having spent a few good hours playing the demo and prologue, here are some answers to common questions that are likely puzzle players:


Q: What are Birbees and what do they do? A: Birbees are creatures that make nutritious eggs, which players can craft into Medkits. To produce eggs, they eat berries from various sources on the island, like wild berry bushes, farming plot-grown berry bushes, or berries from an animal feeder. However, their berry collection method involves attacking the source, which might provoke fighter bots.Q: What happens when a Birbee hive has four eggs? A: When a hive collects four eggs, a Queen Birbee appears and the four eggs disappear. This Queen will fly around, finally landing on a wild twig bush, where she’ll turn into a new hive, keeping the cycle going.Q: Can Birbees be controlled? A: Yes, they can be controlled in several ways. For instance, Birbees can be completely eliminated from a grass island by ensuring no hives or twig bushes exist. This can be done by destroying hives and using the Wood Authority skill to remove twig bushes, which are then replaced by twig trees that Birbees don’t use for hives.Q: How can Birbees be reintroduced or moved? A: Birbees can be reintroduced by planting a twig bush on a farming plot.
Image shows Plastic Production in Nova Lands
Plastic Production


Q: How can a player produce plastic in the game? A: At the moment, plastic is not accessible in the demo version of the game. There are some players who have access to an advanced ‘beta’ version for testing, which might include plastic (that bacon-like pink looking thing), but this is not yet publicly available.Certain individuals have access to an advanced ‘beta’ version of the game for testing purposes. However, the wider public only has access to the demo version, which does not include plastic at this time.Image shows gameplay from full beta version of Nova Lands


Q: How to place drones on other islands? A: To place drones on other islands, a player needs to first craft a drone on the starting island and add it to their inventory. Once on the new island, they need to build a drone tower and interact with it while having drones in their inventory, then select the resource for the drone to collect.Q: Why aren’t my logistic drones delivering products to the transporter arm efficiently? A: The issue of logistic drones not delivering products efficiently could be due to them being instructed to deposit items in two different containers, which can lead to prioritization problems. One possible solution is to switch the drone’s access off and on, or rebuild and reconfigure the building.If an item needs to be transported elsewhere, it’s advisable not to create a storage for it and instead let the drones carry it directly from production to the storage arm. This issue might have been addressed by a patch released on March 16, 2022.Image shows Automation Research Tree in Nova Lands

Animal Feeders

Q: How is the Animal Feeder supposed to work? (Animals choosing Berry Farms over Feeder) A: The purpose of the Feeder is to supply animals with food consistently so they regularly produce their drops. For instance, continuously feeding berries to boars makes them produce poop constantly. However, the Feeder doesn’t work well for distracting animals from your crops.It might be a good idea to put your berry farm on an island without any berry-eating wildlife, like the swamp island. That way, you don’t have to worry about animals eating your crops while the feeders can continue to do their thing.
Image shows Auto Collection of Items in Nova Lands
Auto Collect Items


Q: Can a transporter arm that has been built in the wrong direction be corrected? A: Yes, you can dismantle a transporter arm that’s been built incorrectly by holding the right-click button on the containers on either side of the arm. You can also dismantle and rebuild buildings. In some versions of the demo, this was one of the ways players were farming free XP in Nova Lands.On the surface, Nova Lands, which is a factory building, exploration, and island management game may appear to bear some similarities to Forager. But upon playing it for just a couple of hours, you’ll come to see how it is rather unique, extremely engaging and quite different from the likes of games such as Forager, Factorio, Don’t Starve, Satisfactory, Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper and others.


Q. Can the production of superglue (and jellypinks) be automated via machines? A: Yes. Harvesting Jellypinks can be automated. The developers have designed the game in a way that every resource from animals can be automated. The trick is to pay close attention to the animals’ behavior. Once you understand that, you can set up your automation processes more effectively.Stay tuned for more updates on Nova Lands.