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“Lies of P” is a distinctive soulslike style game created by the South Korean developer Round 8 Studio, and presented by Neowiz. The heart of the game pulsates with a familiar soul style rhythm. Players venture through daunting terrains, amass souls, encounter enigmatic NPCs, and battle against formidable bosses.

This is presumably why many people have drawn parallels between “Lies of P” and the well-known “Bloodborne” but this game proudly stands as its own unique entity.

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The narrative unfurls with a protagonist reminiscent of the age-old tale of Pinocchio. This puppet character awakens in the magnificent, yet declining city of Krat, a city which once shimmered with life but now wrestles with the chaos unleashed by renegade puppet machines.

A striking feature of this game is its intricate weapon system (which we will discuss in detail in the game notes). Players are entrusted with the freedom to disassemble and reconfigure weapons, marrying different components for diverse outcomes.

Beyond the melee, the game showers its players with a plethora of character customization options. Be it the innovative upgrades to weapons, a mechanical arm teeming with varying capabilities, or the classic skill trees. You will find yourself spoilt for choice.

Delving into the story, players will encounter a tapestry of deep narratives which graciously open their gates to both veterans and newcomers of the soulslike genre. It is 100% fair to say that this is not just another game in the soulslike catalog; it’s a mesmerizing journey that beckons players to dive deep and explore its myriad secrets.

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Here’s a quick overview of the main characters in Lies of P.

Main Character in Lies of P: PINOCCHIO

PINOCCHIO: Pinocchio is the main character. He wakes up and decides he needs to find Geppetto and rescue a city called Krat from dangerous puppets. He’s headed to a place called Hotel Krat during a time that seems similar to a historical period called the Belle Epoque, where puppets were a big deal in the city’s industry. Pinocchio is skilled in using weapons and has a special metallic arm that he uses for fighting. Even though he has to follow certain rules set by the Grand Covenant, he can choose to lie.

A Character in Lies of P: SOPHIA

SOPHIA: Sophia is similar to a character called the Blue Fairy from the traditional Pinocchio story. She’s there to help Pinocchio emotionally and morally. She’s the one who wakes him up, tells him to go to Hotel Krat, and shares tales with him.

GEMINI: Gemini is like a guiding light for Pinocchio, quite literally. It’s a blue, ghost-like lantern that hangs from Pinocchio’s belt. Think of it as a helper that gives advice and shares information as the game progresses. It reminds one of Jiminy Cricket from the classic story.

A Character in Lies of P: GEPPETTO

GEPPETTO: Geppetto is Pinocchio’s creator, a puppet-maker by profession. He had a significant influence in the puppet business of Krat. He has an important role, which is to use Pinocchio to help save the city. When players of the game find and save him, he gives them a task: to stop the bad things happening in Krat.

A Character in Lies of P: EUGÉNIE

EUGÉNIE: Eugénie seems to be based on a character from the original Pinocchio story called Eugenio, but here she’s someone who’s great with weapons. She assists by improving Pinocchio’s fighting equipment and the special functions of his metallic arm.

A Character in Lies of P: ANTONIA

ANTONIA: Antonia runs the Krat Hotel and has been friends with Geppetto for a long time. She might know some secrets about the city, and she could be closely tied to how Pinocchio was created.

A Character in Lies of P: VENIGNI

VENIGNI: Venigni is a super-smart tech guy who knows a lot about different versions of the Pinocchio story, although it’s not entirely clear who he is compared to the original tale.

PUPPET THREAT: The puppets in Krat aren’t friendly; they’re the main enemies Pinocchio has to deal with. This includes different kinds of puppets that guard places.

HUMANS: There are still some human beings left in Krat, but because of the dangerous puppets everywhere, they might be scared of Pinocchio. As a player, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to break the rules of the Grand Covenant to save these people, and that includes Geppetto too.

Combat Mechanics and Combat Tips (Basics & Advanced) in Lies of P


  • Pinocchio can execute normal attacks with bladed weapons, with different moves for light or heavy weapons.
  • Blocking reduces damage, but a timely block triggers a perfect guard, potentially breaking the enemy’s weapon.
  • Essential combat knowledge involves dodging, blocking, understanding the invincibility frames of evasion, and knowing when to counter-attack.
  • Advanced combat involves making enemies vulnerable for high damage attacks. Perfect blocks, light and heavy strikes, and using the Legion arm contribute to this.


  • Most common weapons in demo were saber, rapier, and longsword.
  • Players can block and dodge regardless of the weapon they’re using.
  • Swap between two weapons via the Weapon slots Menu using Right on the D-Pad.
  • All weapons come with corresponding Fable Arts.
  • Weapons have a durability gauge. When low, attack power decreases and at zero, weapons break. Repair weapons with a Grinder. If broken, they cannot be restored.


  • The saber uses less stamina, is balanced in terms of speed and damage, but has a shorter range.
  • The Rapier is swift, consumes little stamina, and has a long reach. Its strong attack makes the player backstep, but it isn’t a dodge move.
  • The long sword is suitable for blocking. It’s fast for counter-attacks, uses a lot of stamina, and can perform a combo.
  • Weapons can be upgraded by visiting Eugénie. Weapons are made of two parts: the blade and handle.
  • The weapon assembly system allows players to customize weapons by mixing blades and handles, affecting attack type, elemental effects, movesets, and more.


  • The game features a Legion Arm, fitted with various attachments like Puppet Strings, Fulminis, Flamberge, and more.
  • These Legion arms have three upgrades each and scale differently with stats.
  • The grinder repairs weapon durability and can apply temporary elemental buffs.
  • The wishstone cube allows players to use various buffs, influencing AI behavior during boss fights.


  • Perfect Guards prevent damage and can counter powerful Fury Attacks.
  • Dodging is done with B on Xbox, with behavior varying based on targeting.
  • Groggy Status indicates a vulnerable enemy, ready for Fatal Attacks.
  • Fatal Attacks are launched on staggered enemies. Press Right Bumper on Xbox for these attacks.
  • Players can also sneak past foes for Back Stabs.


  • The game’s stats influence gameplay. For instance, motivity and technique affect weapon damage and defense.
  • Pulse Cells replenish health and are rechargeable by attacking foes.
  • Locking onto targets is achieved with the Right Stick on Xbox.
  • On death, players drop their Ergo. Retrieve it for recovery.
  • Lies of P features a Lie System, where choices in dialogue affect the storyline.


  • Summon Specters to assist in boss fights using Star Fragments.
  • Each piece of equipment adds to carry weight, affecting movement and stamina. Increase weight limits by leveling up.
  • Level up using Ergo at a Stargazer. After reaching the hotel, Sophia handles leveling.
  • Belts allow quick access to items like throwables and lanterns.
Complete Guide on Weapons in Lies of P: Starting Weapon Choices, Weapon Upgrades, Weapon Combos & Customizations


At the beginning of “Lies of P,” players are presented with a crucial choice: selecting one of three starting weapons. This choice affects the initial gameplay experience in this Souls-like game. The three available paths for starting weapons are:

  • Path of the Cricket (Balance)
  • Path of the Bastard (Dexterity)
  • Path of the Sweeper (Strength)

The chosen path impacts how players should level up and evolve their puppet, focusing on strength, dexterity, motivity, or technique.


Path of the Sweeper (Strength) – Greatsword of Fate:

  • Scales primarily with your motivity (strength stat).
  • Slower but powerful, ideal for methodical play similar to traditional Dark Souls combat.
  • High damage reduction while guarding, with “Absolute Defense” handle ability.
  • “Link Slash” blade ability for high bonus damage.
  • Recommended strategy: Increase Vitality stat for health recovery.

Path of the Bastard (Dexterity) – Ventry Rapier:

  • Scales with your Technique stat.
  • Quick and agile, similar to the combat style in Bloodborne.
  • Lower guard damage reduction but features a “Guard Parry” handle ability.
  • “Storm Stab” blade ability for a series of rapid stabs.

Path of the Cricket (Balance) – Puppet’s Saber:

  • Balanced scaling between motivity and technique.
  • Blends styles of the other two weapons but leans more towards the Greatsword.
  • “Concentrate” handle ability increases damage, and “Storm Slash” blade ability offers a multi-hit combo.


  • While the initial choice is pivotal, around 20 minutes into the game, players can buy the other two starting weapons at the first shop.
  • Numerous other weapons become accessible as players advance in the game.


“Lies of P” offers unique customization by combining different handles and blades.

Main Starter Weapons:

  • Rapier: High mobility but lower block and damage. A- rating.
  • Saber: Balanced weapon. B+ rating.
  • Greatsword: Requires skill, especially against bosses. A- rating.

Weapons Acquired Post-Start:

  • Electric Hammer: Offers stun capabilities. A- rating.
  • Police Baton: Slow and less powerful. F+ rating.

Top-Tier Weapon Combos:

  • Greatsword with Rapier Combo: S rating.
  • Electric Top with Greatsword Body: A+ rating.
  • Electric Top with Rapier Body: A+ rating.
  • Saber Top with Rapier Body: A.
(Additional combos, based on their effectiveness, will be added here).

The best weapon choice depends on individual playstyle preferences. Early in the game, it’s advisable to focus on increasing the Vitality stat for effective blocking and healing. As players become familiar, they can adjust stats based on evolving strategies and comfort.

List of all Weapon Blades in Lies of P

List of all Weapon Blades

  • Acidic Crystal Spear
  • Acidic Great Curved Sword
  • Big Pipe Wrench Head
  • Black Steel Cutter
  • Bone-cutting Saw
  • Booster Glaive
  • Bramble Curved Sword
  • Circular Electric Chainsaw
  • City Longspear
  • Clock Sword
  • Coil Mjolnir Head
  • Cursed Knight’s Halberd
  • Dancer’s Curved Sword
  • Electric Coil Stick Head
  • Exploding Pickaxe
  • Fire Axe
  • Greatsword of Fate
  • Krat Police Baton Head
  • Live Puppet’s Axe
  • Master Chef’s Knife
  • Military Shovel
  • Pistol Rock Drill
  • Puppet’s Saber
  • Salamander Dagger
  • Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger
  • Wintry Rapier’s
List of all Weapon Handles in Lies of P

List of all Weapon Handles

  • Acidic Crystal Spear
  • Acidic Great Curved Sword
  • Big Pipe Wrench
  • Black Steel Cutter
  • Bone-cutting
  • Booster Glaive
  • Bramble Curved Sword
  • Circular Electric Chainsaw
  • City Longspear
  • Clock Sword
  • Coil Mjolnir
  • Cursed Knight’s Halberd
  • Dancer’s Curved Sword
  • Electric Coil Stick
  • Exploding Pickaxe
  • Fire Axe
  • Greatsword of Fate
  • Krat Police Baton
  • Live Puppet’s Axe
  • Master Chef’s Knife
  • Military Shovel
  • Pistol Rock Drill
  • Puppet’s Saber
  • Salamander Dagger
  • Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger
  • Wintry Rapier’s
List of all Boss Weapons in Lies of P

List of all Boss Weapons

  • Etiquette
  • Frozen Feast
  • Golden Lie
  • Holy Sword of the Ark
  • Noblesse Oblige
  • Proof of Humanity
  • Puppet Ripper
  • Seven-coil Spring Sword
  • Trident of the Covenant
  • Two Dragons Sword
  • Uroboros’s Eye
List of all Legion Arms in Lies of P

List of all Legion Arms

  • Aegis
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Falcon Eyes
  • Flamberge
  • Fulminis
  • Left Arm of Steel
  • Pandemonium
  • Puppet String

In the game “Lies of P”, players will encounter various bosses and mini-bosses.

List of all Enemies & Bosses, plus details on how to win every boss fight in Lies of P

Here’s all the enemies you’ll encounter along with a video tutorial on how to win each boss fight.


  • This boss can be found at the Station Plaza.
  • Payers will meet this boss in Krat City Hall.
  • His enemy awaits the player at the Alchemist Bridge.
  • Located at Workshop Union Culvert.
  • Players will face this boss at Venigni Works.
  • This challenging boss resides in St. Frangelico Cathedral.
  • Players can find this boss in the Malum District.
  • This boss can be found at the Estella Opera House.
  • Get ready to challenge this boss at the Grand Exhibition.
  • This creepy enemy is lurking in the Barren Swamp.
  • A twist on the Parade Master, located in Cersani Alley.
  • The entire group can be found at the Relic of Trismegistus.
  • Prepare to face off against this boss at Arche Abbey.
  • Also located in Arche Abbey, a formidable opponent.
  • A mysterious boss who waits for players in Arche Abbey.


  • Located in the Venigni Works Control Room.
  • After defeating it, players earn the Stalker’s Promise, Survivor’s Mask, and Survivor’s Hunting Apparel.
  • Found in Moonlight Town near the Pilgrim’s Cable Railway.
  • Rewards include the Cable Railway Key and The Atoned’s Mask.
  • She’s on Rosa Isabelle Street.
  • Players can earn The White Lady’s Locket and The White Lady’s Mask for defeating her.
  • Also found on Rosa Isabelle Street.
  • Quartz is the reward for beating this mini-boss.
  • This mini-boss can be found in the Barren Swamp.
  • The reward for defeating it is the Owl Doctor’s Mask.
  • Located in an Abandoned Apartment (exact location is still to be confirmed).
  • Players get Legion Caliber and the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant for overcoming this foe.
  • Guarding Arche Abbey.
  • For defeating this mini-boss, players earn a High-level Alchemist Badge.
  • Waiting at the Krat Central Station Platform.
  • Beat him to earn the Robber Weasel’s Mask and Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel.
  • Found in Arche Abbey’s upper area.
  • Red Fox’s Mask is the reward for defeating this boss.
  • Lurking on the Arche Abbey Outer Wall.
  • Players can earn the Black Cat’s Mask for besting this mini-boss.

Game Notes on Loot Locations Coming Soon.

List of all Outfits (aka Costumes) in Lies of P

List of all Outfits aka Costumes and their locations in Lies of P

Check out the Locations section for locations and methods on how to obtain individual outfits.

  1. Alchemist’s Cape
  2. Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel
  3. Blue Blood’s Tailcoat
  4. Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel
  5. Mischievous Puppet’s Clothes
  6. Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel
  7. Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel
  8. Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress
  9. Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel
  10. Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel
  11. Someone’s Memory
  12. Survivor’s Hunting Apparel
  13. The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel
  14. The Great Venigni’s Signature Coat
  15. White Lady’s Hunting Clothes
  16. White Shirt
  17. Workshop Master’s Workwear

List of all Gestures in Lies of P

List of all Gestures (Emotes) in Lies of P
  1. ANGER
  2. BEG
  4. CLAP
  6. FEAR
  7. GREET
  8. PRAY
  11. SAD
  12. SIT
  16. TAUNT

In order to beat the game you will have to complete all of its 11 Chapters that are listed below. After the list you’ll find a playlist with walkthroughs for all Chapters.

  1. Chapter 1: Intro/Prologue
  2. Chapter 2: Elysion Boulevard Entrance
  3. Chapter 3: Find Venigni
  4. Chapter 4: The Fallen Archbishop
  5. Chapter 5: The Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  6. Chapter 6: The King of Puppets
  7. Chapter 7: First Meeting with Simon Manus
  8. Chapter 8: Barren Swamp
  9. Chapter 9: Collapsed Krat Central Station
  10. Chapter 10:
  11. Chapter 11:

Game Notes on Quests & Locations Coming Soon.

All Costume / Outfit Locations in Lies of P

LOCATION: Hotel Krat

    • Description: The uniform of a prestigious boarding school in Krat with an "M" engraved brooch.
    • How to obtain: Speak with Antonia upon your first visit to Hotel Krat.
    • Description: A replica of the attire of the Stalker with the fox mask, renowned as being from a distinguished family with keen eyes for quality equipment.
    • How to obtain: Follow a specific sequence involving various in-game clues and tasks to unlock.

LOCATION: Elysion Boulevard House


    • Description: Hunting attire of the Mad Donkey, synonymous with brutal violence. Despite being terminally ill, he sought the truth behind his colleagues' bloodshed.
    • How to obtain: Tied to story progression and unlocks after defeating the Mad Donkey boss.

    • Description: Worn by the Mad Donkey, it signifies a relentless quest for truth till the very end.
    • How to obtain: Tied to story progression and unlocks after defeating the Mad Donkey boss.

    • Description: Hunting attire of the Owl Doctor, seemingly ordinary but bearing a gruesome aura. He made a final vow of offering repose to the still-human.
    • How to obtain: Follow a series of tasks and clues starting at St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel stargazer to unlock.

LOCATION: Workshop Union Culvert

  • How to obtain: Multiple outfits and an accessory can be found by exploring the vicinity of Red Fox and Black Cat.

LOCATION: Moonlight Town

    • Description: An old dog mask worn by The Atoned, reflecting her remorse from her grave mistakes.
    • How to obtain: Specific to a "Truth" playthrough, defeat The Atoned after a certain interaction to get the mask.

LOCATION: St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

    • How to obtain: While ascending a tower, look for a specific section with electrified balls.

LOCATION: Rosa Isabelle Street

    • Description: A pigeon mask, representing a tragic incident that shifted a promising singer to become a Stalker.
    • How to obtain: Defeat the White Lady boss.
    • How to obtain: A sequence involving revisiting areas and interactions with in-game entities.

LOCATION: Estella Opera House


    • Description: Hunting attire of The Atoned, scarred with wounds of regret. Once a protector, she was devastated realizing she led people to doom.
    • How to obtain: Unlocked by exploring the opera house and defeating a key boss.

    • Description: Worn by Red Actress Adelina Corday in a dual role in a play. The reveal during curtain call earned her a standing ovation.
    • How to obtain: Unlocked by exploring the opera house and defeating a key boss.

LOCATION: Barren Swamp

    • Description: Worn by the Owl Doctor, a testament to the torturous experiments by Alchemists.
    • How to obtain: Engage with the Owl Doctor in a specific location after defeating certain enemies.

LOCATION: Hermit’s Cave

    • Description: Hunting attire of the Black Cat, stolen by robbers drawn to its quality. Once a solitary figure from the slums, his outlook changed after meeting the fox.
    • How to obtain: Found inside a safe at the cave's end.

LOCATION: Arche Abbey

  • How to obtain: Two outfits and two accessories can be obtained through various in-game tasks and interactions.



    • Description: The cape worn by Alchemists, made of luxurious fabric. The Alchemists, considering themselves Krat's true masters, wore clothes so elegant it was said they wore Krat's wealth on their shoulders.

    • Description: Formal attire of the Stalker organization of Bastards, a symbol of their pride. Teaming up with foreign Alchemists from the Isle, they ushered in Krat's golden era.

    • Description: Clothing of the wooden puppet Venigni made for the parade. Known to all in Krat, Venigni proudly showed it off at the Grand Exhibition.

    • Description: Hunting attire of the Robber Weasel, optimal for theft. With Krat's abandoned homes, the city became a haven for thieves.

    • Description: Attire of the Survivor who abandoned his oath. After a puppet-caused catastrophe, he became a nomadic survivor.

    • Description: Designed by Venigni, it mirrors his personal coat. He remarked on its quality during a fan club anniversary.

    • Description: Casual, sturdy attire with thoughtful design, anticipating disasters.

    • Description: Worn by the Black Cat, supporting fading vision. It serves as a reminder of a heartbreaking wish and deception.

    • Description: A sophisticated mask of aristocrats, representing her allegiance to her newfound street brother.

    • Description: Though it appears comical, it instills fear in the shadows, marking her last heist.

    • Description: A mouse mask, customary for rookie Stalkers, possibly influencing the Survivor's fate.


  1. Real boy: They all lived happily ever after
    Reach the ending.

  2. Free from the puppet string
    Reach the ending.

  3. Rise of P
    Reach the ending.

  4. The First Puppet
    Kill the Nameless Puppet.

  5. Strongest Normal Weapon
    Strengthen a normal weapon to its max level.

  6. Strongest Special Weapon
    Strengthen a special weapon to its max level.

  7. Strongest Legion Arm
    Modify a Legion Arm to its max level.

  8. Extreme Potential
    Activate P-Organ to Phase 5.

  9. Pianist of Krat
    Play a perfect tune on the piano at Hotel Krat.

  10. Legion Arm Collector
    Collect all Legion Arms.

  11. Special Weapon Collector
    Collect all special weapons.

  12. Normal Weapon Collector
    Collect all normal weapons.

  13. Golden Melody
    Collect and play all records.

  14. Learning about Emotions
    Learn all gestures.

  15. Veteran Explorer
    Decipher all cryptic vessels and claim the rewards.

  16. End of Riddles
    Discover all Trinity Sanctums.

  17. First Lie
    Tell a lie in front of Hotel Krat Entrance.

  18. Stargazer’s Guide
    Repair a Stargazer.

  19. Exploring Possibilities
    Try to assemble a weapon.

  20. The Ultimate Defense Technique
    Destroy an enemy’s weapon with a perfect guard.

  21. Fatal Blow
    Deliver a successful Fatal Attack.

  22. The Bastards and the Sweepers
    Kill a Stalker.

  23. Parade Master
    Kill the Parade Master.

  24. Scrapped Watchman
    Kill the Scrapped Watchman.

  25. King’s Flame
    Kill King’s Flame, Fuoco.

  26. Fallen Archbishop
    Kill the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

  27. The Delayed Match
    Kill the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

  28. King of Puppets
    Kill Romeo, King of Puppets.

  29. The Champion of Evolution
    Kill Champion Victor.

  30. Puppet-Devouring Green Monster
    Kill the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster.

  31. Corrupted Parade Master
    Kill the Corrupted Parade Master.

  32. Revenge of Black
    Kill the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

  33. The Complete One
    Kill Laxasia the Complete.

  34. The Awakened God
    Kill the Awakened God Simon Manus.

  35. Bear Gold Coin Fruit
    Harvest Gold Coin Fruit.

  36. From Across the Rift
    Kill all types of Dimensional Butterflies.

  37. The Story of the Prince
    Find out about the last story of Venigni.

  38. The Story of the Refined Old Lady
    Find out about the last story of Antonia.

  39. The Story of the One Who Dreamed
    Find out about the last story of Simon Manus.

  40. The Story of One Father
    Find out about the last story of Geppetto.

  41. The Story of a Stranger Girl
    Find out about the last story of Eugénie.

  42. The Story of the Blue Butterfly
    Find out about the last story of Sophia.

List & Details of all Secrets in Lies of P

Lies of P Secrets Coming Soon.

There are 3 ending scenarios that the player can achieve. Here's how to unlock each one:

All the possible Endings (good & bad) in Lies of P

For the first ending – FREE FROM THE PUPPET STRING:

  1. The player should always choose to be honest whenever they encounter situations in the game where the Lie System prompts them.
  2. As they make their way through the game, they'll face a challenge at a place called the Ascension Bridge. Here, they need to defeat an opponent named Laxasia the Complete.
  3. Once that's done, they'll find Sophia in a room. When talking to her, they must select the option that allows her to live, which is labeled "Let her live".
  4. The player should then proceed to another location, the Arch Abbey Cradle of the Gods. Here, they'll have a conversation with a character named Simon Manus. During this conversation, they should choose the response that says they set someone free from Arche Abbey, or "I liberated her from Arche Abbey".
  5. As they continue their journey, they'll eventually reach a place called "Under the Abyss". In this place, a character named Geppetto will ask them for something called a "Heart". The player should decline or "Refuse" this request.
  6. To conclude this ending, the player must then face and defeat an opponent called the Nameless Puppet.


  1. The player's objective is to reach the final area of a location called Arche Abbey. Here, they have to defeat a powerful enemy named Simon Manus, who is also referred to as the Awakened God.
  2. After this victory, they should head to "Under the Abyss". In this area, when Geppetto asks for the player's Heart, they should willingly give it to him.
  3. An important thing to remember about this ending is that, no matter what choices the player made earlier in the game – whether they lied, told the truth, or made any specific decision about Sophia – this ending will still be achieved if they give their Heart to Geppetto.

There are also some extra tasks that offer additional rewards:

  1. If the player goes to a place called Hotel Krat, there's a room labeled as Geppetto's Study. Inside this room, there's a letter. By reading this letter, the player will earn an achievement called "The Story of One Father".
  2. In the same hotel on the ground floor, there's a piano. Interacting or playing with this piano will give the player another achievement, which is the "Pianist of Krat" trophy.

For the third ending – RISE OF P:

  1. In the Lie System scenarios, the player should choose to always lie.
  2. They should then look for a specific item called the "Portrait of a Boy". This can be found inside the hideout of a group known as the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, but only after defeating their leader, the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
  3. After obtaining this portrait, the player must bring it to Geppetto who can be found at Hotel Krat.
  4. When they again reach the Ascension Bridge and after defeating Laxasia the Complete, they'll have another interaction with Sophia. This time, they should choose the option that suggests giving her peace or "Give her peace".
  5. Their next challenge is to defeat Simon Manus, the Awakened God, at the Arch Abbey Cradle of the Gods.
  6. Before they meet with Geppetto in "Under the Abyss", they should make a detour back to Hotel Krat. Here, they need to play all the music records available.
  7. While still in Hotel Krat, they should revisit Geppetto's Study and check the portrait they delivered earlier. If the nose on the portrait has grown long, it indicates that they've been lying throughout the game. Seeing this, they can then get a special weapon called the Golden Lie from the portrait.
  8. Once armed and prepared, they must return to "Under the Abyss". When Geppetto requests their Heart, they should refuse. This decision will lead them to a final battle against the Nameless Puppet which they must win.

After the credits, there's one more task for bonus points:

  1. Back in Hotel Krat, they should again check Geppetto's Study. This time, they'll find another letter titled The Blue Butterfly's Letter. Reading it will grant them an achievement named "The Story of the Blue Butterfly".

Here is a quick video guide that shows 2 endings – one good ending and one bad ending, along with the post credits scene. So far, the consensus is that the worst ending is one where you give up your heart for Carlo while the best ending is where Pinocchio lives and Geppetto dies. What do you think?

Here’s a list of commonly asked Lies of P questions and their respective answers.

Q1. How to farm Ergo in Lies of P? What are the best farming routes?

A. In the game "Lies of P", the player collects a currency called Ergo. This currency is primarily gained by defeating enemies. Some of the more ordinary enemies, such as puppet dogs and police officers, drop about 30 Ergo when defeated. However, with a well-planned approach to collecting or "farming" Ergo, a player can accumulate a lot more in a shorter time to level up quickly and buy more items.

Top Methods to get Ergo quick:

  1. Regular Collection: A straightforward method to collect more Ergo is for the player to revisit and traverse through areas they have already explored. This repetitive collection, especially without losing much Ergo, enhances the player's abilities in the game.

  2. Defeating Enemies Multiple Times: One effective strategy involves repeatedly defeating the same enemies. This is made possible using items called Stargazers, which resemble lanterns. When activated, Stargazers bring back or "respawn" enemies in the vicinity. In a place called Krat City, the protagonist, Pinocchio, faces many enemies. By using Stargazers to bring these enemies back, the player can collect more Ergo than just defeating them once.

  3. Confronting Bosses: As seen in games of similar nature, confronting and defeating big adversaries or "bosses" in "Lies of P" results in substantial rewards. For example, defeating a boss named Parade Master not only gifts the player with roughly 1,852 Ergo but also opens up new areas to explore.

  4. Areas with Many Enemies: Not every location in "Lies of P" has the same number of enemies. For the best results in Ergo collection, it's advised to visit places dense with enemies. Two notable locations are Krat City Hall and Moonlight Town. The player can access Moonlight Town after defeating a character called Flame King Cuoco. Within this town, there's a deserted house on a hill that's swarming with creatures. By defeating them, one can earn around 1,000 Ergo. If a Stargazer is used in this area, this amount can be multiplied.

Here's a video with an example for #4 above:

A Suggested Ergo Farming Route:

A recommended area for this farming activity is Krat Central Station Plaza. Here's a guideline:

  • The player should begin at the Stargazer located in Krat Central Station Plaza, which is one of the first they'll restore in the game.
  • From there, move towards the subsequent Stargazer, which is situated close to a character named the Wandering Merchant and is positioned just before another character, Parade Master. On this path, numerous enemies await to be defeated.
  • Once the player reaches and activates this second Stargazer, they can then backtrack or go back the way they came, defeating enemies along the way. This round trip can result in gaining anywhere from 1,600 to 2,000 Ergo.
  • Given that it requires less than 1,000 Ergo to progress or "level up" during the initial parts of "Lies of P", this farming technique offers significant progress.

Advice and Cautions:

In the earlier parts of the game, players need to be careful of enemies that attack from a distance using guns, as their attacks can be quite damaging. If the player is already fighting enemies up close, it's essential to first focus on these distant, gun-wielding foes. It's also beneficial for the player to learn and remember where enemies appear, especially in the Krat Central Station Plaza. By repeatedly defeating enemies in this area, the player can advance or "level up" to as high as level 20 even before they face the challenging Parade Master. This continuous method of defeating enemies, although time-consuming, can help the player get a firm grasp of the game's mechanics and get stronger before the game's first major confrontation.

Q2. How to farm Star Fragments in Lies of P?

A. In "Lies Of P", players may encounter multiple challenging bosses.

  • To aid in these battles, players can summon Specters, AI companions that assist during boss fights. 
  • Though Specters can die quickly, their assistance makes boss battles notably easier.
  • Star Fragments are essential for summoning these Specters.

Effective Methods for Farming Star Fragments:

  1. Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer Route:

    • Start by fast-traveling to the Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer, the spot where players defeated the Scrapped Watchman boss after saving Geppetto from the Mad Donkey.
    • Reverse through city hall, confronting two sword-wielding enemies.
    • Exiting the building, a larger enemy is found to the left, who becomes alert when approached.
    • Defeating this enemy has a 99% chance of yielding a Star Fragment. After following this path for about an hour (with each run being 2-3 minutes long), there were only two occasions where the Star Fragment didn't drop. Sometimes, extra loot may also be rewarded.
    • This route is also valuable for acquiring ergo, the in-game currency. On average, players collect about 500 ergo per run. This amount is substantial for several level-ups when returning to the hotel. This method is especially beneficial for early-game players, but also remains useful for those further along.
  2. Red Lobster Shortcut:

    • Once the red lobster shortcut is accessible, players can explore this alternate location for farming.
    • Upon entering the red lobster, turn left and confront the spiky hand enemy. This foe has a known vulnerability to fire.
    • After the battle, players can return, rest, and then repeat the procedure for consistent farming.

Q3. How to Get the Half Moonstone in Lies of P?

A. The short answer is, by solving the ‘Old Lady at the Window’ side quest:

Finding the Quest and Its Beginning:

  1. In the game "Lies of P", as players start exploring Rosa Isabelle Street, they'll stumble upon a quest named "Old Lady at the Window".
  2. Right at the entrance of this street, players will hear someone coughing off to their left side. Naturally, this makes them curious to find out who's coughing and why.

Finding and Talking to the Coughing Person:

  1. First, they should head down the stairs they see at the entrance.
  2. Next, after ensuring the area is safe from any puppet enemies, they should go up the staircase on their left.
  3. Behind a nearby building, they'll find a window that's lit up. Inside that window, they'll see the outline of a woman. When they chat with her, they'll learn that she's ill with something called the Petrification disease. The woman will also mention that she wants a bottle of wine.

Finding the Wine for Her:

  1. To find this wine, players will need to play a bit further in the game. After they've completed the Rosa Isabelle Street part and defeated a boss called the King Of Puppets, they'll reach a new area: the Lorenzini Arcade level.
  2. In this level, there are scientists called alchemists who are working hard to cure the Petrification disease.
  3. As players explore this level, they'll eventually reach a wine storage area. But before they can get any wine, they need to beat a tricky enemy that looks kind of like a clown.
  4. Once they've beaten that clownish enemy, a door will open up, revealing the wine they need. There's also a character in the game, Gemini, who will hint that this wine is exactly what the lady in the window was asking for.

Giving the Wine Back and Getting a Token:

  1. Players don't have to walk all the way back to Rosa Isabelle Street. They can use a special feature in the game called the Stargazer to teleport themselves back to the start of that street.
  2. Once they're back, they can talk to the lady in the window again and give her the wine. As a thank you, she'll hand over something called a Venigni Commemorative Coin.

Trading the Coin for the Half Moonstone:

  1. After getting the coin, players should head to a place in the game called Hotel Krat and find a character named Pulcinella.
  2. When talking to Pulcinella, they should choose the option that says "Request appraisal of collectibles" and show him the coin they just got.
  3. In exchange, Pulcinella will hand over the Half Moonstone. This isn't just any ordinary stone; players can use it to make their weapons even stronger, particularly when they're trying to upgrade a weapon past its seventh level.

Q4. How does weight affect the gameplay?

A. Weight has crucial consequences on gameplay mechanics. One’s rolling speed and the rate at which their stamina regenerates are influenced by how much weight they are carrying.

If a player’s weight goes above 60% of their total capacity (this state is known as being “encumbered”), the speeds at which they dodge and dash are impacted. To illustrate the significance of this, when the player’s weight is under this threshold and they are not encumbered, their performance in these actions is much better.

It is believed that even when your status is “slightly heavy”, it will not majorly interfere with your gameplay (slowed down animation speed etc.). Aiming for a weight capacity in the range of 15-20 might be a good goal to begin with. However, the ideal weight will depend on the kind of build, style of play that individual gamers prefer.

Q5. How does Stagger / Stun / Interrupt work and why does it feel inconsistent?

A. It's been observed that upon being staggered, the reactions of bosses (both mini and main) in Lies of P don’t always seem predictable. There are times when, even after being hit with a strong attack, certain enemies don't seem to be affected. This unpredictable behavior can lead to situations where these enemies quickly counterattack, catching the player off guard.

The issue seems pronounces for players who opt for heavy weapons in their arsenal. The reason for this is that these weapons, due to their heft and design, have a slower attack speed. This slow swing makes it easier for enemies to interrupt the player mid-attack.

Furthermore, after successfully landing a hit with these heavy weapons, the player finds it tough to quickly move into a defensive position, such as dodging or parrying an incoming attack, due to the time it takes to complete the weapon's swinging motion.

That being said, it's not all about challenges without solutions. There are several players who've managed to navigate these combat intricacies successfully and all it takes is time and practice.

Executing a "perfect parry" in the game can deal significant damage to an enemy's ability to resist being staggered. By combining this tactic with a mixture of evasive dodges and a variety of light and heavy attacks, players can craft an effective combat strategy that works for them.