redirecting rockets with force pull in jedi survivor

In the early levels of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you may find Rockets annoying since they could hard to challenge or dodge for beginners. Well funnily enough you don’t have to dodge them. You can use either Force Pull or Force Push to redirect (or) deflect rockets back at your enemies.

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The Force Push is learnt after completing the first Zeffo tomb. There are two ways to go about this. You can either use Force Pull to pull the Rocket and then send it back at the enemies or you do a Force Push which immediately deflects the Rocket and sends it back at them.

Interestingly you can also Force Pull in the air in this game – in case you jumped off a platform or an edge but the other side was farther than expected, doing a force pull at this point mid-air sort of propels the character into a hyper zoom forward dash so you’re able to make it across.

Here is short video clip of Rocket Redirection / Deflection using Force Abilities:

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