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A vital part of lightsaber combat in the new Star Wars game involves Parrying & Blocking. Here is a quick guide showing you how to parry while blocking in Jedi Survivor.

Let’s start with a common scenario: multiple enemies firing at you. Simply pressing the LB (L1) button is the best way to parry. Simply tap it once and hold it. You can use this technique to parry all incoming shots. Even while holding LB (L1), you can lightly tap it to deflect enemy shots.

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As you progress through the stages in Jedi Survivor, you’ll see that effective combat requires a good mix of both offence and defense. The most important aspect of defense is the ability to block incoming attacks. To get Cal to block, press and hold LB (L1) at any time.

When defending against attacks using the lightsaber, keep an eye on the guard gauge located at the screen’s bottom. Be mindful that Cal will be incapable of blocking if this gauge is exhausted. Now let’s talk parrying. Parrying is a 3-step process: blocking, countering, and striking back.

In order to correctly parry you’ll need to hit the block button a split-second before an enemy’s attack or blaster shot lands on you. It’s all about timing and it gets better with practice.

How to Parry while Blocking in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Parrying & Blocking

Tip: Talking of defence, here is a simple evasive maneuver. If an enemy gears up to strike, hit circle once. Cal will dodge, slowing down time and giving you a window to counterattack.

Back to parry & block – as the enemy swings at you, you need to press L1 at the right moment. It’s a skill that requires practice and precision, especially when you’re playing on a higher difficulty, where the parry time window is incredibly small. If you’re finding it challenging to parry and block effectively, I recommend starting the game on lower difficulty. Get a feel for it, and then take on the higher difficulty later.

Generally speaking, single lightsaber combat is easier because blocking, parrying, and executing one-hit finishing moves is simpler against weak enemies. Strong defense in itself is a great tool to help you grind and level up quickly in Jedi Survivor. For instance, blocking and parrying is the quintessential move to beating the ninth sister boss battle. There’s no need for special moves all the time. I find the blocking and parrying technique to be more than enough to handle most situations. Like

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