How to Beat the 9th Sister in Jedi Survivor (Boss Fight)

The 9th Sister, Cal’s formidable foe from Fallen Order is back in the Jedi Survivor and this time she can read minds too. Here’s an breakdown of how to beat this telepath of a boss.

But first some tips to keep in mind (or not, cause you know she might read them too)


  1. Using the Dual Lightsaber for this Boss Battle might be a good choice.
  2. Every time the Ninth Sister reaches back, expect her to throw her saber (twice).
  3. Your main strategy is going to be to Parry (L1) whenever she reaches back.
  4. Watch out for her Perilous Attack (Red Glow). It can’t be blocked or parried leaving dodging as your only defense. So, always keep one finger ready on the dodge button.
  5. Focus on parrying the lightsaber, not the sister, to improve your timing.
  6. Keep an eye on your health, especially during phase 2 and beyond (mind reading).

How to beat her:

  • Phase One: Your goal in first phase is to deplete her balance meter. Every time she unleashes her three-hit combos, parry.

    9th Sister's Perilous Attack (Red Glow)
    9th Sister’s Perilous Attack (Red Glow)
  • Phase Two: In the second phase, she’ll turns blue while placing her hand on her head (mind-reading) rendering your attacks ineffective. Your best counter move when mind reads is to try and move closer and parry her attacks. Wait for guard to drop and seize a window to land some hits. Rinse and repeat. For Red Perilous Attacks, dodge. For rest of her attacks, parry.

    Ninth Sister Reading Minds in Phase 2 of Boss Battle (Jedi Survivor)
    9th Sister Reading Minds: Phase 2 of Boss Fight
  • Phase Three: In the third and final phase too, parry & dodge are your bread and butter. With the newly unlocked Dual Stance, try to throw in some aggressive fast attacks that burn less stamina. The Ninth Sister will continue reading your mind making your attacks futile while dual wielding. Holding Triangle (Y button) lets you auto-parry attacks in Dual Stance.

    Dual Stance in Phase 3 of 9th Sister Boss Fight (Jedi Survivor)
    Dual Stance – Phase 3 of 9th Sister Boss Fight

The easiest way to beating the 9th sister is by perfecting the timing of your Parrys and Blocks. If you’re unable to beat her in your first attempt, try again or lower the games difficulty settings until you get better with your timing.

As a bonus, here is a video walkthrough of the 9th Sister Boss Fight (courtesy: @BossFightDatabase). Try and emulate some of their moves. Hope this helps!

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