Gylt Walkthrough with all Puzzles, Collectibles & Endings

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GYLT is a story-based horror/action-adventure game where you solve puzzles and use a lot of stealth and hiding. To help you get through the game, here is the complete walkthrough with all puzzle solutions, collectibles, and the 3 possible endings.The game is set in an old mining town in Maine where you play the main character, Sally – a young girl from Bethelwood, whose life gets tougher when her cousin, Emily, goes missing. (Warning! Spoilers Ahead)


  1. Main Building
  2. Arcade
  3. Auditorium
  4. Arts Center
  5. Gym
  6. Outdoors


  1. Sad Ending #1
  2. Sad Ending #2
  3. Happy Ending
The main story starts after some bullies chase Sally, and she ends up lost. She then takes a cable car back home only to find a different, scary version of her town. This place is full of real versions of her worst fears and bad memories.
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Main Building

The first location you will be exploring is the Main Building of the school. Here you have a total of 18 collectibles: 9 diaries, 3 pieces of blood quartz, 3 inhabitants, 1 canary, and 2 pictures.You will find the Hallway Key on a pinboard in the teacher’s lounge.Then you can find the first diary in the initial room of the building. Next, in room 102, there’s a piece of blood quartz, but a flashlight will be required to find it. Then head on to the infirmary which is quite a treasure trove, housing a diary, a piece of blood quartz, and an inhabitant.Then in classroom 105, you will find another diary and a picture at the exit of classroom 104. Moving to the second floor, there’s a key in room 206. You’ll find a picture outside classroom 211.A diary can be found right outside room 212. Another room, located beneath the audiovisual area, contains a diary and some inhabitants, but a fire extinguisher is needed to access this area. The Canary can be found in the Boiler roomOutside room 206, to the right, there’s another diary. Diaries in room 210 and inside a locker in room 208. Room 208 houses an inhabitant too. Lastly, a piece of blood quartz can be found through vents near the restroom.


The only collectible to find in the Arcade is a single piece of blood quartz. You can find the blood quartz hidden behind the counter on the Arcade’s second floor.


The Auditorium is home to 6 collectibles: 2 diaries, 1 inhabitant, 1 canary, 1 picture, and 1 piece of blood quartz.You can find a diary and an inhabitant in the left room on the first floor. Moving further, there’s a picture located by the left stairs of the auditorium itself. Up the right staircase, at the top, there’s a room housing a canary.Returning to the first floor, another diary can be found in the room on the right. Lastly, the office holds the blood quartz, which is all the collectibles for the auditorium area.

Arts Center

The Arts Center is teeming with a variety of collectibles. In all, you can find 2 diaries, 1 inhabitant, 1 canary, 1 picture, and 1 piece of blood quartz here.The mask on the top left room is needed for the key in the office. First, you will come across a picture in the warehouse located on the first floor. Upstairs, in the second-floor art storage room, a diary can be found.There’s a space underneath the Art Center’s elevator where a diary and an inhabitant can be found. In the office, you can locate the blood quartz, but you’ll need to freeze. Above, in room 802, you’ll find the canary.


The Gym 7 collectibles – 2 diaries, 1 inhabitant, 2 canaries, 1 picture, and 1 piece of blood quartz.The first diary and the inhabitant are in the top right isolation cell. Just under the control room, you’ll discover a picture. The first canary is situated to the right of the isolation cell. Another diary awaits in the top left isolation cell.Further, into the game, you’ll find your second canary in the tunnel that leads to a key. Finally, the blood quartz is hidden in the basement of the Gym.


In the final outdoors part of the game, you will be able to find 15 collectibles: 6 diaries, 4 inhabitants, 1 canary, 1 picture, and 3 pieces of blood quartz.Remember, once all the birds are found, the statue can be opened.Starting off, you can find a diary and an inhabitant hiding in a cavern in the park. The Centro statue is home to the canary, while the parking gate is where you can find the first piece of blood quartz. A little further, past the gas station, there’s a chicken coop that has a picture.Under the statue, you will discover two diaries and an inhabitant. There’s another piece of blood quartz located in the sewage drain. A journey through the left maze reveals yet another diary and inhabitant.Climbing to the roof of the Gym, you will find another diary and inhabitant. Lastly, in the courtyard after the Gym, there’s a diary and a final piece of blood quartz.

Sad Ending #1 – Emily rides the Cable Car

In this ending, Sally sacrifices herself for her cousin Emily out of love and in an attempt to make amends. Sally places the ticket in Emily’s coat pocket and pushes her onto the cable car, apologizing to an upset Emily for not being able to support her from the start.As the car departs, Sally is left alone to confront the incoming horde of monsters. Slowly Sally and the old man (Charon) fade away. The story ends with Emily returning to school alone, often glancing back at a poster of her now-missing cousin, Sally.
Image shows Gylt Ending #1 where Sally decides to give her ticket to her cousin Emily
Ending #1 (Sad)

Sad Ending #2 – Sally rides the Cable Car

In this ending, Sally decides to jump on the cable car and leaves Emily behind. While apologizing to a confused Emily, Sally justifies her actions by stating that it’s not her fault that Emily went missing and that her true motive was to find Emily so the people blaming her back home would forgive her.As the cable car slowly begins to leave, Sally watches the monsters going after Emily who is scared, alone, and tightly holding onto her teddy bear – a sad, unbearably heartbreaking scene to watch indeed.
Image shows Gylt Ending #2 where Sally decides to leave her cousin Emily behind
Ending #2 (Sad)

Happy Ending – Both take the Cable Car

In this ending, when you prompt Sally to hand the only ticket to Emily, Charon interrupts asking to see the ticket fragments in her bag. He then goes on to tell her that the material is from the outside world…
Charon: This material is not from here.  It’s from the outside, but this world has changed it. Made it into something entirely new.
Charon is then able to combine the fragments into a new ticket, urging Sally and Emily to use it and escape this world together. As a token of thanks, little Emily gives her teddy bear to Charon, and both girls depart together on the cable car.
Image shows Gylt Ending #3 where both Sally and Emily are able to take the cable car back home
Ending #3 (Happy)
In order to get this happy ending, you will have to free a minimum of 10 inhabitants using pieces of blood quartz throughout the game. This will give you enough ticket fragments to be able to unlock the third ending.Even if you finished the game without the third ending option, you can decide between endings #1 and #2 and then return to the school campus to collect more ticket fragments and finish the game again to experience ending #3.