GBO2 Guide: Tips for Beginners in Gundam Battle Operation 2

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As Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 debuts on PC, it’s set to attract a wave of newcomers. For beginners, tier lists can be an invaluable tool to get started. Yet, the vast range of over 350 Mobile Suits, coupled with the sheer number of tier lists, can be intimidating for those just dipping their toes in the game.This guide serves to demystify the world of GBO2 for beginners with clear directions on what to do and what to avoid. So that your journey from a rookie to an accomplished player stays smooth and enjoyable.

Gacha System

GBO2 uses this thing called a gacha system, sort of like those old toy vending machines. You play the game, earn some in-game currency, and use it to randomly get items. Each game has different names for this system. In GBO2, they call them supply drops. Supply drops can give you mobile suits or weapons.


The game has 3 classes for mobile suits: raid, general, and support. They follow a rock-paper-scissors type of deal, where each class is strong against one and weak against the other. Your suit also has a level and cost which changes based on its performance. You can also customize the suit’s weaponry and colors.
GBO2 has 3 classes for mobile suits: raid, general, and support.
Learn the categories of Mobile Suits

Ignore Tier Lists

Unlike other games, in GBO2 there is a strong emphasis on personal skill and playstyle over any predefined tier list. On many occasions, what works best for a player can be different from what’s considered “top tier”. This means as a beginner, you should focus on getting a feel for different mobile suits and see which one clicks with you.


Just try everything you have – experiment with different suits, their abilities and how they align with the way you play. As a beginner, your first step is to familiarize yourself with various Mobile Suits. They all have different abilities, weapons, stats, and play styles. Start with the suits available to you and see which one suits your preferred playstyle.
Experiment with different suits in GBO2 Free Practice
Try out suits in Free Practice


Let’s talk about the gameplay: You need to learn how to lead your shots, switch your movements, chain your range attacks, and master your melee attacks. The game has this thing called an emergency evasion skill which is a dodge roll to evade enemy attacks. Plus, there’s a melee counter that can be triggered when you tackle an oncoming melee attack. Focus on getting better at ‘stunning’, which involves disrupting an enemy’s movement or actions, followed by a melee attack for maximum damage. Staggering and meleeing enemies are two of the key skills you need to master in the game. At the same time you have to avoid getting staggered.


Use the free practice mode to get comfortable with different suits, test out their abilities, and learn how to chain attacks together. When you first get a new item, it’s a good idea to take it for a spin in Free Practice. A lot of players prefer to do this on the Port Base (high tide) map, because it has a good mix of terrain – jumps, open areas, enclosed spaces, and bots scattered around close by that you can practice on.
Port Base High Tide Map is ideal for practice sessions
Port Base High Tide Map is a fan favorite practice map


Focusing on lower cost rooms at first, they are more like to have other beginners like yourself. This will help you to get a feel of the game without being overwhelmed. As you gain more experience and increase your cost, you’ll naturally advance to more challenging rooms.


This little trick is a game changer for mid-tier players. But since it is a mistake that is avoidable early on, I tell it to all beginners. Change the default key bind for boost because you can’t steer while boosting with the default controls. It makes a world of difference in your gameplay, try it with a suit that’s built for high mobility, like the Dom HSET, and you’ll notice the change.
Change the default key bindings and get used to a more scalable control scheme.
Change the default key bindings!
And that’s it.Remember – tier lists are just subjective rankings and they might not necessarily resonate with your style of play. Sure, they can offer a rough guide to what’s “meta” or currently popular, but remember, the best player isn’t always the one using the top-ranked MS. It’s all about what clicks for you. So, explore your options, try different suits and find your groove.Lastly, always remember to learn from other players and don’t be afraid to seek advice from the community. And the most important tip of all, enjoy the game! The thrill is in exploring, making mistakes, learning, and gradually becoming a seasoned player.