A Detailed Look at the Tools of Forever Skies

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Forever Skies transports you into a post-apocalyptic experience where you return to an Earth that has been ravaged by an ecological disaster. As a first-person survival game, it allows you to navigate this new world with a customizable, high-tech airship base that you can fly and upgrade.Your task in Forever Skies is to survive by scavenging resources, facing dangers on the surface, and hunting for viral pathogens to cure a mysterious illness. The key to surviving in Forever Skies lies in mastering a variety of useful tools at your disposal.

List of Tools:

Extractor Tool:

GIF Image of Extractor Tool in Forever Skies
Extractor Tool in action
The Extractor Tool, described in-game as a tool designed for extracting raw resources from objects of mostly homogeneous compositions, was an invention intended for recycling environmental waste.Unfortunately, it came as a “too late” solution to a massive problem. With a short operating range, it’s a tool players can conveniently carry everywhere. Attached to your wrist, the Extractor Tool shoots a blue beam at targeted objects. It breaks down raw materials, such as metals, glass, synthetic materials, and more, to a molecular level.
Image showing Concept Art of Extractor Tool in Forever Skies
Extractor Tool: Concept Art
These materials can then be repurposed into essential parts for their airship and equipment using the Build Tool. Beyond its primary function, the Extractor also comes in handy for creating new paths and routes through areas both above and below the dust layer.It’s particularly beneficial when players need to find vital resources swiftly or discover new, quicker pathways. The tool only works on 3D printed materials, a technique widely used in construction before humanity’s mass exodus from the Earth’s surface.However, the standard Extractor isn’t the only variation of this tool in Forever Skies. Enter the Heavy Extractor.

Heavy Extractor Tool:

GIF Image of Heavy Extractor Tool in Forever Skies
Heavy Extractor Tool in action
The Heavy Extractor Tool is an advanced version of the Extractor, addressing the latter’s short operating range. It proves particularly satisfying to set a course on your airship, using the Heavy Extractor to collect resources while flying through the ruined skies.
Image shows Heavy Extractor Tool installed on a ship in Forever Skies
A Heavy Extractor Tool attached to back of an Airship
It weighs 15 kilograms and requires 20 Metals to build. It can be turned about 270┬░from side to side and 160┬░ up and down.You can install as many Heavy Extractors as desired so if you happen to be playing with friends, one player can steer the airship while the rest can engage in the exhilarating task of extracting valuable resources from the sky!
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Build Tool:

In Forever Skies, players’ primary base of operations is their airship, which they can expand and customize extensively using another tool attached to your wrist, the Build Tool.As the game progresses, players will need to rebuild and expand their airships to accommodate specialized sections like a laboratory, workshop, kitchen, and more. The Build Tool, versatile from the start, provides plenty of expansion options and evolves to include more schematics based on the player’s discoveries.
GIF Image of Build Tool using Walls Module in Forever Skies
Build Tool in action
The default in-game description calls the Build Tool a device originally intended to help construct new structures on celestial bodies while humanity dreamed of conquering space. Over time, its design was repurposed to function as a portable airship factory, requiring raw resources to build anything.It is equipped with two main functions, build and dismantle, which are indicated visually on the tool through animated blue lighting and static yellow lighting, respectively. Players can switch between the two functions with the touch of a button, and all materials used for construction or dismantling come directly from the player’s inventory.
Image showing Concept Art of Build Tool in Forever Skies
Build Tool: Concept Art
It’s important to note that the Build Tool only works with airship components. The dismantle function doesn’t operate as an extractor, meaning players can’t use it to collect resources from around the world, as they can with the Extractor Tool.Recent improvements to the Build Tool make individual modules easier to locate, as all components are now divided into categories: Rooms, Walls, External Modules, and Balloon. Only basic modules are available initially, but as players find and analyze more blueprints, they can create more modules.
GIF Image of Build Tool using Rooms Module in Forever Skies
Build Tool: Rooms Module
In the Rooms category, players find types of block modules. Each constructed wall comes covered with a basic tarp layer for minimal protection from the outside world. For more robust construction, players can access the Walls category to find doors, standard walls, windows, floors, and more.The External Modules category features elements like catwalks and railings. The Balloon category is crucial because the number and size of balloons attached to an airship determine the base’s total weight capacity.
GIF Image of Build Tool being used to build Catwalks on an Airship in Forever Skies
Build Tool: Building Catwalk
If a player’s ship reaches its maximum load, they can’t expand the base any further. At this point, they need to upgrade their base by adding a second balloon and increasing the size of each balloon, thereby increasing their total capacity and allowing further base expansion.

Repair Tool:

In the game, the player’s airship is also susceptible to damage from various hazards such as floating debris, storms, or even accidental collisions with wind turbines.
Image showing Concept Art of Repair Tool in Forever Skies
Repair Tool: Concept Art
A damaged airship hull can significantly reduce the airship’s performance, affecting speed and altitude, and potentially harm the crucial machinery onboard. Hence, when the player’s heads-up display (HUD) notifies them of damage to their base, it’s advisable to address the issue promptly.Enter the Repair Tool. This tool comes equipped with a radar that can detect damage onboard the airship and guide the player straight to the source of the problem.
The Repair Tool sprays a foam filled with Nano-Bots that repairs damaged parts of the ship or equipment in Forever Skies
Repair Tool in action: Repairing damaged Catwalks & Railings
To use the Repair Tool, the player needs to craft a few Repair Foam Cartridges. The foam, teeming with specially designed maintenance nano-bots, can be applied to damaged sections of the airship.
A GIF Image showing Repair Tool fixing the internal components of Airship in Forever Skies
Repair Tool fixing the Airship from inside
Aiming the tool’s cross-hair at a wall or joint shows the extent of the damage. The player simply applies the foam until the indicator changes from black to blue, signaling successful repair.
Roof light color in Airship indicates status of each block module. Flashing red light means damage in that section, while white lights mean the section is working at full capacity.
Roof Light Color Indicating Damage inside the Airship
In addition to the Repair Tool, the game provides another visual cue to help players identify damaged sections of the ship. For instance, the roof lights’ color indicates the status of each block module. Flashing red lights indicate damage in that section, while white lights signify that the section is working at full capacity.

Scanner Tool:

One of the most critical tools at your disposal in Forever Skies is the Scanner Tool. Like other portable tools, when in use, the scanner also is attached to the player’s right wrist.
Image shows Scanner Tool worn on the right arm wrist of a player in Forever Skies
Scan environments and collect information using Scanner Tool
The Scanner Tool extracts data from pre-disaster terminals, aids in reverse-engineering old technology, identifies different types of materials, and solves puzzles.Beyond non-organic materials, the tool can also be used on organic substances, allowing the player to gather nutritional information about food or determine if water is safe to drink.
A GIF shows the Scanner Tool in action in Forever Skies
Scanner Tool in action
The data collected is added to the Fabricators’ memory as blueprints that can be reproduced. The tool is likely to use an internal database to match the scans with known objects and might also scan on a molecular level to gain information about nutrition, contamination, and content of objects.

Electric Cooker:

Players also have access to a useful device called the Electric Cooker which can either be found right at the beginning of the game near the player’s Airship or can be fabricated later. The Electric Cooker helps in preparing food items such as fruits, insects, and vegetables.
Electric Cooker found at the beginning of the game on the Airship in Forever Skies
Electric Cooker found near your Ship
To operate the Electric Cooker, the player needs a bottle filled with Water and at least one Charge. The process of cooking roughly takes about 12 seconds. The Electric Cooker can add water to any edible item. The cooker also has the ability to remove negative status effects from food, making it safer and more beneficial to consume.
Installing the Electric Cooker in Forever Skies
Placing the Electric Cooker
In case the player needs to fabricate a new Electric Cooker, the fabricator can be used. The required materials for building a new cooker are 15 units each of Synthetics and Metals, and 5 units of Glass.

Water Purifier:

The Water Purifier cleans dirty water, making it safe to drink. It can purify up to five charges which is roughly one full plastic bottle of dirty water at a time. The pure water can be used for cooking and drinking.
Placing the Water Purifier in my Ship in Forever Skies
Installing the Water Purifier
You are going to require 15 synthetics and 10 metals to build a Water Purifier in the Fabricator.Forever Skies immerses you in an action-survival adventure set on a devastated Earth, its surface obscured by a massive layer of toxic dust. After hundreds of years, you return. Will you recognize this world?All Images were sourced from and belong to Far From Home Games.