How to Earn a Steady Income in Fabledom

How to Earn a Steady Income in Fabledome

Fabledom is a brand new casual city-building game that allows you to take control of a medieval village, gather resources, expand your city, and construct the fairytale kingdom of your fantasies in a single-player setting.

Earning a Steady Income

In this post we’re going to look at some possible ways to earn a steady income while trying to no go broke in Fabledom. So without much ado, here are 5 game winning tips that help you get more income and progress smoothly through the levels in this game.Tip 1 – Do as told.Many players are finding hard to get past the first winter. But, progressing efficiently isn’t hard at all in Fabledom. Simply follow the game’s objectives without trying to getting ahead of them and the game automatically guides you through the first winter.Working to meet in-game objective in FabledomeTip 2 – Taxes & IncomeTaxes, collected monthly, provide income, so building up the population quickly is beneficial as long as everyone has, or will have, a job. You have the choice of not accepting or accommodating all newcomers to the village without facing any consequences.However, note that the “head of household” is only able to work in their own house, and if their yard has a fruit tree or garden, they may occasionally contribute to their own household’s food inventory.Tip 3 – Maximum WorkersEnsure that work buildings have the maximum number of workers. In the initial stage, the only work building where two might be necessary is the charcoal burner, but the gift of 30 charcoal from “Secret Santa” will be sufficient to keep 24 settlers warm through the first winter.Winter in FabledomeTip 4 – Hold off on those RoadsIt is preferable not to construct roads to the industrial buildings, as villagers will take a direct path to the buildings if no roads are present.If you lay down roads, the villagers will follow them, but the 90-degree dirt roads take longer to traverse than a straight path through the field. It is assumed that road upgrades will hasten walking speeds.Tip 5 – Make decisions on the goRunning out of money during the first year may occur if you pause the game to make building decisions, as you might end up constructing faster than the game pays you. This is not a fast-paced game, and there will be times when you should simply observe.Plan your moves while watching instead of waiting until you pause the game. You can maintain the game at 2x speed and still keep up.Closing ThoughtsThis game requires you to pay attention and take decisions from moment to moment. For instance, at one point in my game I realized that I was tight on money but that quickly changed when I acquired the condos.Once the commoners began paying higher taxes, my income considerably rose. Additionally, I ceased to participate in some of the costly nobility quests. Spending 75 gold when I only made 20 per pay period was unreasonable.Income in Fabledome City Building GameFurthermore, removing a person from a building that incurs costs can result in savings. For instance, I closed down the messenger building and the Stone Mason when I had ample supplies in stock.These were all decisions taken in the moment and not a part of a fixed and rigid blueprint. So I think as long as you are immersed in the game and it has your attention, you cannot fail too badly at it. Good luck!