How to get “Credits Where Credits Are Due” Achievement

credits where credits are due achievement in Everspace 2

To earn the “Credits Where Credits Are Due” achievement, you need to sell a complete stack of Solar Panels or Cybernetic Implants at Zethes Research Station.Note: This achievement is only activated when a stack is sold for more than 5,000 credits.Related: Want to earn easy credits? Check out our low-effort Everspace 2 Trading Guide.As for the quantity of items per stack and their selling price, here are some options:
  • You can sell a stack of 10 Nano Fibers with a selling price exceeding 500
  • You can sell a stack of 20 Cybernetic Implants with a selling price exceeding 500
  • You can sell a stack of 20 Solar Panels with a selling price exceeding 250
Generally, Nanofibers aren’t the most promising choice, as obtaining the desired price is not always guaranteed, even at the best locations. Cybernetic Implants and Solar Panels, on the other hand, can easily be acquired at Ceto. For Cybernetics Implants go to the research station near the sun and for Solar Panels go to Nephtys Plains.Access to Zharkov is a prerequisite for this achievement. The most reliable method to achieve this is at Devana Gas Orbit (just summon the Duchess there). The quickest way is to carry goods with you on the first undercover mission. Once you dock and sell the goods, the achievement is complete.