Infinite Materials Exploit in Dredge

Want to upgrade your ship quickly without waiting for days? This exploit in Dredge enables you to obtain an endless supply of metal parts, lumber, and cloth for infinite ship upgrades. The exploit works at the location called Steel Point that is north of Greater Marrow and provides all the supplies you require.

Where does it work?

Note that not all spots in the game have this exploit. Only at Steel Point is where this exploit for unlimited materials (lumber, metal, cloth) works. There’s wood and cloth that respawn with two pieces each, and four metal parts every time you dredge it. So once you collect the materials, they respawn, but that takes days to happen.

Unlimited Materials Exploit in Dredge
Location of Unlimited Materials Exploit

How to get unlimited materials?

After collecting the materials, instead of waiting for them to respawn as you normally would, you just have to save and quit your game, and then reload your save. When the game loads back up, the materials will have respawned, allowing you to collect and store them into your storage and repeat the process on and on.

You can do this until you have enough for ship upgrades, making it a powerful tool for progressing quickly in the game.

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