snake mackerel location in dredge

Dredge players that have begun the Hooded Figure in Blue Pursuit know well that this NPCs hunger is fulfilled by three types of fish Blue Mackerel, Tiger Mackerel, and Snake Mackerel.

This is a time limited quest and it is not advisable to leisurely look for fish, because if you fail you will be locked out of the book reward.

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So here are the location coordinates of Snake Mackerel. You are most likely to find this fish in the North East region of Devil’s Spine, somewhere in between the Ancient Temple and Charred Pontoon. The coordinates where you must look are N12, N13, O12, O13.

where to find snake mackerel in dredge
Snake Mackerel Location

Snake Mackerel can be caught using a Coastal Rod or Trawl during the day or night time.

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