farming unlimited research parts in dredge

If you want to get infinite number of research parts in order to quickly max out your ship’s upgrades, here’s how you do that.

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Head over either to Dusty Pontoon in Gale Cliffs or at Rickety Pontoon in Twisted Strand and dock with the traveling merchant. Check the store (in the miscellaneous tab) to see if they have any parts, if there aren’t you can do one of two things. Either sleep/rest and check again and or save, quit, then reload your saved game and check again.

docking at pontoon
Dock at Dusty / Rickety Pontoon

That’s it. Keep repeating this process until you get the desired number of research parts, rinse, repeat. This is the only way to farm unlimited number of research parts in Dredge.

finding research part with travelling merchant
Research Part in Travelling Merchant’s Store

Alternatively, if sleeping/resting or saving and reloading is not your thing, then you can just kill time by running a circuit around the islands while hitting all the respawning dredge locations. Metal scrap dredging is also another way of farming research parts. So you could do that while checking with the travelling merchant at the pontoons every day.

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