Have your Hooded Figures Died in Dredge?

dredge hooded figure side quests

Dredge is a very addictive game and just when I thought I was well on my way to completing it, the Hooded Figure NPCs started dying. This was when I realized that the hooded figures die if you don’t complete their quests quick enough. This also locks you (the player) out of the book rewards they hold permanently.For the unaware, the Hooded Figures demand specific types of fish to satisfy their hunger. If you bring them the fish they demand, you successfully complete their quests that earn you special books which are possibly the best rewards in this game.Want to upgrade your ship quickly? Here’s an exploit for unlimited lumber, metal and cloth.

Hooded Figures Quests Guide

Here’s a short guide on completing these hooded figures side quests in dredge with exact locations and requirements needed to finish the quests for all 4 hooded figures – blue, red, purple, and gold (yellow).NOTE: Before you begin accepting these side quests, it is better to finish most of your Fish Encyclopedia so that you have..
  1. The right equipment to catch all kinds of fish
  2. Access to all fishing zones
  3. Faster boat to get to various locations quickly
All this is crucial because these are timed missions and the hooded figures die if you don’t complete the quests in time, which locks you out of the rewards.

Hooded Figure in Blue

Coordinates: M7 (Located between The Marrows and the Gale Cliffs) Required Fish: Blue Mackerel, Tiger Mackerel, and Snake Mackerel Book Reward: Haggling and Bartering – Increase the value of your sales by 5% and reduce your costs by 5%

Hooded Figure in Gold (Yellow)

Coordinates: K2 (Located on an island between the Gale Cliffs and the Stellar Basin) Required Fish: Red Snapper, Fangtooth, and Blue Crab Book Reward: Advanced Fishing – your rods reel in fish 15% more effectively

Hooded Figure in Red

Coordinates: L14 Required Fish: Cusk Eel, Sailfish, Frilled Shark Book Reward: Nautical Engineering – slow down durability loss by 15% in equipment types that use durability

Hooded Figure in Purple

Coordinates: E10 (Located between the Stellar Basin and Twisted Strand) Required Fish: Tarpon, Horseshoe Crab, Barreleye Book Reward: Pushing the Limit: Engines – 7.5% extra movement speed from your engineUpdate: Here is a note from the developer from the steam community about this issue.
They (the hooded figures) don’t need to survive for you to earn the 100% achievement! We’ve had a lot of feedback about how there’s no indication that it’s a timed quest, and it’s something we’ll be addressing in an upcoming patch. Sorry!
Well, we sure hope to see a ticking timer next to objectives with restraints in future updates of the game.