Aurora Jellyfish Aberration in Dredge

Heads-up! If you haven’t already lucked out and caught one already, then this might be one the hardest fish to catch.

Catching Aurora Jellyfish is a part of the Researcher’s Pursuit in Dredge. But for many players, catching this elusive fish is turning out to be one of the most frustratingly difficult parts of the game. You try and try and give up after catching plenty of regular jellyfish but no aurora jellyfish, which begs the question – Is a trick to catching the aberration or is it pure luck?

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Where is the Aurora Jellyfish Aberration?

The Aurora Jellyfish Aberration can be caught around the shallows of Stellar Basin. There is no exact spot you’ve got to do a lot of trawling. Some people get one in minutes, others take days. Catching this fish is a totally random, chaotic process and you’re simply going to have to take your chances. It’s best to try and cover the coastal shallows in circles, sticking to a depth of 10m to 30m (check your trawl net for depth). Remember to avoid the deeper middle part, stick to the shallows.

Aurora Jellyfish Aberration
Aurora Jellyfish Aberration

When to catch them?

You need to be doing this in the nights. You should comfortably be able to do 2 full laps then kill some time at Rickety Dock before you start again. Do not forget to repair and empty your net once in every 2 or 3 days.

How to catch them?

You’ll need highest researched trawl nets, crab pots won’t work for this one. I caught mine using the Tempered Mesh Net, you’re going to need a Coastal one.

Aurora Jellyfish Caught in Dredge
Aurora Jellyfish Caught

That’s it. It might take you several game nights and feel like forever or you might catch one in seconds. It’s pure luck. If you’re struggling to catch one here one of two methods to try and succeed.

  1. Head over to the Starlight Pontoon in Stellar Basin and float over the jellyfish. Next depending on your direction of choice, weigh down either one of the A or D keys on your keyboard to set your ship to spin indefinitely. Go do something else for a while (I went for a run, got back and had a shower then cooked dinner). After you come back, you should find it.
  2. Give up trying to actively catch the Aurora Jellyfish. Upgrade your ship all of the way and started trawling passive just for fun. With enough time, you will snag the Aurora Jellyfish either while passing through or while you’re on another quest.


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