Dordogne: Walkthrough, Achievements & Collectibles

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Dordogne is not a game, it is a wholesome single player narrative adventure, set in watercolor world that looks and feels unique and fresh – something that few games of today can offer. When trying to think of other similar games, the one name that comes to mind is the recent watercolor-esque platform adventure: Plane of Lana. As good as that game was, even it doesn’t come close to the visual experience that Dordogne has to offer.In Dordogne, you take on the role of a woman named Mimi, who is visiting her late grandmother’s house. Mimi’s grandmother left her some letters and puzzles, and by solving these, Mimi revisits memories of her childhood and discovers family secrets that were lost over time.Screenshot of gameplay from the game DordogneThe game is set both in the present and the past. Mimi, explores the rooms of her grandmother’s house in the present timeline, and as a 10-year-old in the past timeline, exploring Dordogne and completing quests that influence the present.
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Along with the puzzles that both versions of Mimi will solve, you’ll be collecting photos, sounds, objects, and words (there are achievements for all of this) to create Mimi’s journal, preserving young Mimi’s memories of summers spent with her grandmother in this colorful region, full of wonderful scents and feelings, as she immerses herself back into her childhood memories, seeing once again through the eyes of the little girl who marveled at everything.Another screenshot of gameplay from the game DordogneInspired by the real-world location of Dordogne, all environments in the game are created with beautiful hand-painted watercolors by French artist Cédric Babouche, who used his own personal experiences and connections to the region of Dordogne as inspiration for the game’s look and feel.


For a complete walkthrough of all Chapters in Dordogne, please check back after the game’s release.

Trophies & Achievements

Dordogne has a total 32 achievements, 18 of which are secret.