Latest Crab Champions Weapons Tier List (Updated)

Crab Champions Weapons Tier List

Crab Champions currently has 12 working weapons. In this post, we will attempt to classify these weapons into a Tier List. Please bear in mind, that tier lists can be subjective to individual play styles.

List of Current Weapons

Before we classify them into tiers, here is a list of all weapons.
  1. Auto Rifle: A versatile, fully automatic rifle that provides balanced gameplay
  2. Auto Shotgun: A rapid-firing shotgun designed for chaotic close-quarters combat
  3. Blade Launcher: Launches sharp, piercing blades for slicing through enemies
  4. Burst Pistol: A potent burst pistol with reduced accuracy
  5. Cluster Launcher: Fires clusters of projectiles with delayed explosions, ideal for short-range engagements
  6. Crossbow: A unique crossbow with wide arc shots for greater coverage
  7. Dual Pistols: A pair of reliable dual pistols with balanced performance
  8. Dual Shotguns: Powerful, short-range shotguns for intense close combat
  9. Mini Gun: A minigun with a high fire rate but lower damage output
  10. Orb Launcher: Launches orbs for extended range engagements
  11. Rocket Launcher: Delivers massive damage with slow-firing rocket projectiles
  12. Sniper: A high-damage, slow-firing sniper rifle for precise long-range shots
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Weapons Tier List

There are some basic rules for to ensure you stay alive in crab champions most of which relates to constant movement and rapid attacks. This tier list is built with that basic playstyle in mind. Feel free to comment down below and share your inputs on specific weapons.


  1. Sniper: The original Sniper Crab Champions used to be weak but weak but now it has been buffed and has a crazy high damage output. Definitely the no.1 S-Tier weapon in Crab Champions right now especially because of how well it scales with builds.
  2. Minigun: Extremely powerful weapon in the right hands. Low damage output is compensated with extremely fast rate of fire. Good all round gun and very versatile.


  1. Blade Launcher: Very effective against out hordes since it hits multiple enemies.
  2. Dual Shotguns: Initially like pistols, these too were solo weapons. Now they are dual with high damage output but requires close range combat.
  3. Auto Shotgun: High damage per second and an all round versatile weapon.
  4. Burst Pistol: Really powerful weapon that works well with a wide variety of builds.


  1. Dual Pistols: Originally pistols were weak single fire weapons, now though the fully-automatic dual wield gives them a massive advantage and high damage output.
  2. Cluster Launcher: Ideal support weapon that deals high splash damage but suffers from damage drop-off beyond medium range.


  1. Auto Rifle: Standard fully-automatic assault rifle, reliable but not all that good.
  2. Crossbow: This one has gone through several reworks with varying power levels making its performance graph over time all over the place. It is a lot of fun but not really up there with the big boys yet.


  1. Orb Launcher: There have been so many attempts to improve the Orb Launcher and some of those have been good, but not good enough to save this weapons reputation. Sadly, it still remains a weak weapon.
  2. Rocket Launcher: This weapon definitely has strong potential and even deals a good amount of damage but also has slow rate of fire. It still doesn’t click very well for me. D-Tier for now.

How to Unlock New Guns

You unlock new guns by purchasing them, use 4 keys on the blue skull totems located to the right of the gun selection area. Keep in mind that you will receive one random gun per use and keys are required for this process. There are two methods for obtaining keys.
  1. Defeating Elites: Each time you defeat an Elite, a chest containing one key appears. Elites spawn every 10th round, except for every 30th round.
  2. Boss Battles: Bosses provide approximately 7-9 keys upon defeat.
There are 10 guns available to unlock, excluding the 2 pre-unlocked guns:
  1. Dual Pistols
  2. Auto Shotgun
  3. Burst Pistol
  4. Sniper
  5. Cluster Launcher
  6. Blade Launcher
  7. Minigun
  8. Rocket Launcher
  9. Orb Launcher
  10. Crossbow
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