Counter-Strike 2 Update: Revised Player Loadout & Buy Menu UI

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The recent Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) update offers a revised loadout system, which lets players select 15 weapons from three categories: pistols, mid-tier weapons, and rifles. These weapons are applicable for both CT and T-side matches and the selection includes popular choices like the M4A4 and M4A1-S.The interface for the loadout system has also been updated to fit all options on a single screen, allowing for easier assignment of any (side-appropriate) weapon to any slot within its category. It also supports drag-and-drop functionality for user convenience. The buy menu has also received upgrades, including a refund option. If a player has purchased an unintended item, it can now be sold back and a different item can be purchased during buy time. The wheel has been replaced with a grid showing all purchase options simultaneously.
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Details of teammate purchases are also visible on the buy menu. Weapon “stats” display has been replaced with simpler, straightforward descriptions. The update includes new CS2 Workshop Tools, available from the in-game settings menu, that enable community contributors to design weapon finishes, stickers, and maps. However, the Steam Community Workshop currently doesn’t support uploading CS2 maps.The Hammer, a level editor, now uses GPU-accelerated raytracing to preview and bake lighting for CS2 maps, requiring a GPU capable of raytracing for full functionality.Additional changes have been made to the CS2 game’s features, such as adjustments to smoke grenade inputs and animations. The updated CS2 also comes with more stylized lighting for the Vertigo map, as revealed in leaked pictures by @_ale_cs. It seems the map is still actively being worked on so changes are to be expected. Mirage has replaced Dust II on official Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test matchmaking servers. Changes have been made to player movements based on feedback, such as more precise sub-tick movements. Several other changes and improvements have been made in terms of sound, input, rendering, and VAC.Community responses suggest excitement over being able to have both the M4A1-S and M4A4 at the same time. However, some players believe that this may lead to the neglect of the Famas unless it is updated, as the new system combines SMG and Heavy into a single category, limiting the selection to only 5 from both categories.
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This CS2 update is significant, marking progress since the previous big update in April which means we are very close to the full release.