New Chrome Fade CS2 Skins for Deagle & M4A4

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As the launch date for Counter-Strike 2 is swiftly approaching, the gaming community is buzzing with anticipation about everything that’s new in CS2. Amidst this fervor, check out these two stunning new skins named Chrome Fade for the Desert Eagle and M4A4 by S.H.A.D.O.W Workshop.You can check out both the skins below:Many players on social media are enamored with the new skins, expressing desires to buy them immediately. While others, are generally not fans of fade skins but have found these to be appealing.It has been suggested that Valve might call upon the original skin creators to update their skins to fit the new weapon models. This week, a fresh batch of CS2 invitations were sent out to skin makers and as per early feedback, most of the skin making tools in CS2 seem pretty much the same as they were in CS:GO.
New CS2 Skins for M4A4 and Deagle - Chrome Fade
A preview of Chrome Fade for M4A4 (source)
There has been some disappointment as skin creators were expecting more advanced features, like the ability to adjust the roughness or metalness of their designs without which, fade skins in CS2 may not have as many customizable features as creators had hoped for.However, some players who are a part of the ongoing playtest report that the new chrome fade in CS2 seems to be an improvement on the standard fade in CS:GO.Related: What are the New Weapons coming to CS2?