CS2 7th June Updates: Improved Weapon Looks & More

Thumbnail for a post that briefs the latest 7th June Updates in Counter Strike 2 which include improved weapon look for UMP-45, MAG-7, R8 Revolver, & Sawed-Off among several other things.

On June 7, 2023, the limited test version of CS2 was updated with several important changes.


In the maps category, Mirage was added as a choice for the main menu’s scenery map.


The weapons received attention too, specifically the high-punch weapons like MAG-7, which now show recoil upwards instead of downwards. The UMP-45, MAG-7, R8 Revolver, and Sawed-Off also had their visuals enhanced.
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Workshop Tools & Sound

In the workshop tools section, the problem of legacy models showing up while previewing new weapon paint finishes has been resolved.The update also includes several sound fixes, such as a 10-second music cue that wasn’t always playing, and wooden ladders that now make appropriate wooden footstep sounds.


Several miscellaneous issues were also addressed. These include a problem with free armor appearing as a side-effect of armor refunding, loadout tooltips getting stuck on the main menu, and a problem with inspecting Huntsman knives.A previously removed feature that allowed users to use number keys in the buy menu has been brought back. Lastly, the game’s overall stability has been improved.The updates are rolling in quick now. It has been less than 24 hours since the other major update where they revised the player loadout and buy menu UI rolled out. With such back to back updates, it does look more and more like the game’s release is nearer and possibly in this very month of June 2023.Stay tuned for more.