Amnesia The Bunker: Full Walkthrough, Secrets & Collectibles

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Amnesia: The Bunker is the newest game in the Amnesia series, created by the same people who made SOMA and Amnesia. This first-person horror game takes place in a lonely World War 1 bunker.You’ll play as a French soldier named Henri ClĂ©ment, equipped with a revolver, a loud dynamo flashlight, and a few other resources that you’ll find and create during the game. Alone and with just one bullet, you’ll have to deal with the scary things lurking in the bunker’s dark hallways.

About the game:

You’re not safe from the threat that follows you everywhere and reacts to all your movements and noises. You’ll have to adjust how you play the game to survive this scary situation. Your choices will shape how the game turns out, and every action has a consequence. You can try out different strategies to survive, and each play-through will be unique because of random events and unpredictable behavior. You’ll need to explore and figure things out to escape from the bunker.
Constant tension. Time is not on your side - Amnesia The Bunker Walkthrough
Constant tension: Time is not on your side

Puzzles & Monsters:

You’re in a semi-open world where you have to solve puzzles your way. You’ll have to find out what happened to the other soldiers, where the officers have gone, and what kind of horrible nightmare is hiding in this terrifying place. In the game, there’s a monster that changes based on what the player does, and there’s always a sense of tension. You can interact with the game world in a physical, tactile way. You’ll need to find resources, make tools to help you survive, and there are lots of different ways to solve problems in this non-linear open world.
Non-linear open world with many ways to solve problems - Amnesia The Bunker Walkthrough
Non-linear open world with many ways to solve problems


Stay tuned for more updates and watch this space for a beginner friendly guide and a complete walkthrough of Amnesia: The Bunker for all levels and also includes all Secrets, Achievements, and Collectibles.