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Here’s a quick walkthrough of the process of finding all Six Secret Tapes in Amanda the Adventurer (courtesy of youtuber: Chasing Skyler).

Tapes 1-5:

  • Tape 1: You’ll need to grow a yellow flower and give it to the doll. You can find the pot required to grow the flower behind the boxes located to the right of the chest.
  • Tape 2: When making a pie, put a peach in the pie tin instead of an apple. Adjust the oven temperature to 425F and set the timer for 40 minutes.
  • Tape 3: When Wooly injures his knee, respond with “nobody” instead of calling for a “Doctor”. After this, you can pause the game and look for the tape on the floor.
  • Tape 4: When asked what a male chicken is called, answer “sam” instead of “Rooster”. Just like before, you can then pause the game and look for the tape on the floor.
  • Tape 5: This tape is not mentioned in the video. However, you’ll notice music notes spelling out “FACADE” above the shelves of cards in the 24/7 store. Play these notes on a piano to find the tape.
Locations of the first 5 secret tapes and how to find them in Amanda the Adventurer
Tapes 1,2,3,4 & 5

6th Tape:

This one is tricky and requires hacking the game. But first a word of warning.

Warning: Remember, hacking/modding games can lead to unexpected issues and may violate the game’s terms of service, so proceed with caution. Always be cautious when downloading files and only download from trusted sources to ensure your computer’s safety.

Ok. First, visit this website and install the following programs:

  1. BepInEx_x64_5.X
  2. UnityExplorer.BepInEx5.Mono
  3. FreeMoveInjector.Mono (recommended)
  4. TimeScaleController (recommended)
  5. BepInExConfigManager.Mono
  6. EnableIsDebugBuild.Mono
The 6th secret tape is hidden by design and requires players to hack / mod the game
6th Tape: Amanda the Adventurer

After that, follow these installation instructions.

  1. Extract the contents of the BepInEx zip into the game folder: You need to unzip the BepInEx file, which contains essential elements for modding the game. Once unzipped, move all of these extracted files into your game’s main directory. This is the folder where the game’s executable file (.exe) is located.
  2. Extract UnityExplorer and BepInExConfigManager’s plugins and patchers folders into the game’s BepInEx folder: After you’ve moved BepInEx into the game’s folder, you should see a new folder labeled “BepInEx”. Within this folder, you will need to place the extracted plugins and patchers folders from both UnityExplorer and BepInExConfigManager.
  3. Place FreeMoveInjector.dll in the /BepInEx/plugins/ subfolder: The FreeMoveInjector.dll file should be moved into the “plugins” subfolder, which you can find within the BepInEx folder.
  4. Place vtrvrxiv.TimeScaleController.dll in the /BepInEx/plugins/ subfolder: Similar to the above, you need to move the vtrvrxiv.TimeScaleController.dll file into the “plugins” subfolder in the BepInEx folder.

That’s it! Launch the game and search for the object “secret tape 6“. Click “ActiveSelf“, and the tape will appear on the shelf.

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