Revealed: List of Enemies in Aliens Dark Descent

List of Enemies in Aliens Dark Descent

The latest Aliens: Dark Descent update on the developer’s website revealed new descriptions of some of the enemies & bosses in the game. Thanks to these updates, we now have some idea of the foes we’ll be up against when the game launches.
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We’re still not certain is this list contains all the enemies, nonetheless here’s what we know so far.In this original Alien narrative, players will confront a range of iconic Xenomorph creatures, from Facehuggers to Praetorians and Alien Queens, as well as rogue human commandos and a unique threat specific to this Alien storyline.Players must tactically lead their squads, changing strategies from mission to mission, carefully overseeing their soldiers’ health, resources, and mental states to prevent permanent team casualties and psychological breakdowns.Squads are made up of five initial Marines classes, with a plethora of specializations, unique skills, and weapons available to level up.Players must carve unique paths for survival in a continuous world, discovering shortcuts, establishing safe zones, and setting up motion trackers to stay ahead of these creatures. The Xenomorphs adapt to player actions and behaviour, making every run distinct. Player choices persist as they navigate extensive, open, and persistent levels.

List of enemies:


When an Egg detects a suitable host, the facehugger it contains comes to life. This spider-like, parasitoid form of the Xenomorph exists solely to implant a Chestburster within a living creature.
An image showing Facehuggers, a kind of enemy in Aliens Dark Descent


Guardians are the elite of the Darwin Era, not only in a combat sense but in a cultural one as well. These fanatics voluntarily undergo the implantation of a device Marlow named Embryostatis, which slows down the Xenomorph life cycle by postponing the “birth” of the creature. Equipped with such an apparatus, the Guardians are able to walk among the Xenomorphs without danger.
An image showing Guardians, a kind of enemy in the game Aliens Dark Descent


Theories state that the Praetorians evolve from chosen Drones once a Hive nears its full development. Significantly larger and tougher than typical Xenomorphs, these bipedal creatures can be identified by their broad head crest and longer dorsal spines.
An image showing Praetorians, a kind of enemy in the game Aliens Dark Descent


Every Hive is led by a Queen. These specimens are regarded as the biggest and most intelligent form of the Xenomorph. A Queen’s main purpose is to lay within the Hive, a mission she completes with the help of an Ovipositor, a sort of abdomen that produces Eggs.
An image showing Queen, a kind of boss or enemy in the game Aliens Dark Descent


Quite different to human-spawned Xenomorphs, the Runners probably inherit their physiology from four-legged animals, like cows or dogs. As their name implies, Runners are exceptionally fast and athletic, but their speed comes with a cost, for they are nowhere near as resilient as Drones or Warriors.
An image showing Runner, a kind of enemy / boss in the game Aliens Dark Descent


These old Maintenance Synths originally manufactured by Seegson have been purchased by Weyland-Yutani on outdated stations and then repurposed with a better AI to serve on Pioneer.
An image showing Synthetic, a kind of boss / enemy in the game Aliens Dark Descent


Whether Drones and Warriors are two separate classes within the Hive is still up for debate. One thing is for sure though: specimens described as Warriors are considered even more dangerous. Most of them are recognizable by their ridged skulls and segmented tails, which make these bipedal Xenomorphs look even more sinister.
An image showing Warrior, a kind of boss / enemy in the game Aliens Dark DescentWith the game dropping on June 20th, we can’t wait to see what other thrills and chills Aliens: Dark Descent has in store! Stay tuned, for more details!