These are the New Units in Dragon Dawn DLC: Age of Wonders 4

Thumbnail Image of a post on the list of all new units in the new dragon dawn dlc pack of Age of Wonders 4

Here’s a look at all the New Units in the Dragon Dawn DLC of Age of Wonders 4. Most of these new units fall under the category of dragons and some are linked to each other and the already existing dragons from the base game through evolutions.

List of New Units:

    1. Wyvern Fledgling
    2. Gold & Obsidian Wyverns
    3. Slither Hatchling
    4. Slither
    5. Young Fire & Frost Dragons
    6. Young Golden & Obsidian Dragons
    7. Adult Golden & Obsidian Dragons
The young evolve into their adult counterparts when champion rank is reached. This applies to wyvern fledglings, slither hatchlings and young dragons.
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Wyvern Fledgling

The Wyvern Fledgling is a beginner-level dragon unit. It’s not as strong as an adult wyvern, focusing solely on physical damage and doesn’t have any unique strengths or weaknesses. As it grows and gains experience, it transforms into an adult wyvern.

Gold & Obsidian Wyverns

Adult Wyverns come in four different types – Fire, Frost, Gold, and Obsidian. Each type of wyvern has its own unique damage type and resistance. For example, the Gold wyvern deals and resists Spirit damage but is weak against Light damage.In contrast, the Obsidian wyvern uses lightning damage and is resistant to it but is weak against Spirit damage. All wyverns can fly and are classified as animals, dragons, and fighters.Image shows the Golden Wyvern, Obsidian Wyvern, and Wyvern Fledgling Units from the New Dragon Dawn DLC in Age of Wonders 4

Slither Hatchling

The Slither Hatchling is a versatile unit that can fight in melee combat and from a distance. They deal both physical and blight damage. These units are fast and can quickly get in and out of melee combat. Once they reach a certain level, they evolve into a full-grown Slither.


Full-grown Slithers are larger and more dangerous. They’re just as quick as their younger counterparts but also have additional abilities. They deal more damage with their venomous spit and are tough enough to stay in melee combat. They’re also quite sneaky and can hide in forests, making them harder to detect.Image shows the Slither Hatchling & Slither Units from the New Dragon Dawn DLC in Age of Wonders 4

Young Fire & Frost Dragons

The Young Dragons are the most basic form of dragons. They can attack with melee strikes and tail swipes, but they don’t have any specific resistances, weaknesses, or damage types. Once they gain enough experience, they evolve into the adult version of their type.Image shows the Young Fire Dragon and Young Frost Dragon Units from the New Dragon Dawn DLC in Age of Wonders 4

Young Golden & Obsidian Dragons

Image shows the Young Golden Dragon and Young Obsidian Dragon Units from the New Dragon Dawn DLC in Age of Wonders 4

Adult Golden & Obsidian Dragons

Adult Dragons are larger and stronger than their young counterparts. They can deal more damage and have added a relevant damage type to their melee strike, with a new breath attack causing the same damage type in a three-hex comb.Depending on their type, they may deal electric, spirit, frost, or fire damage. They have associated resistances and weaknesses, and they all have charge resistance and Demolisher. Adult dragons also have the Fierce trait, which prevents them from routing and reduces the morale damage they take.Image shows the Golden Dragon and Obsidian Dragon Units from the New Dragon Dawn DLC in Age of Wonders 4