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Many early Age of Wonders 4 players are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to heal their units and how healing works in the game.

The game’s healing mechanics are not immediately clear, and it can be a bit challenging to find the necessary information within the game’s encyclopedia. Searches for terms like “heal”, “health”, “unit health”, and “morale”, yield no results with any references to the healing process.

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On the surface, there seems to be two main kinds of healing in the game

  1. Temporary healing in combat
  2. Healing out of combat

However there are various ways in which these 2 types of healings can be applied. Here are some:

Healing Inside a City: If your units are stationed in a city that you own, they will recover health faster. This is the most basic form of healing, and you can expect a base of 25 hit points (HP) to be restored to your units per turn.

Healing in Your Territory: Even if your units aren’t in a city, they will still recover health if they are within your borders, albeit at a slower rate of 5 HP per turn.

Healing Through Abilities & Spells: Certain units have abilities that allow them to heal, either themselves or other units. Some spells, either acquired through research or from tomes, also provide healing effects. These can be used both in and out of combat.

Image shows units being healed during combat in Age of Wonders 4
Healing in Action: Age of Wonders 4

Healing in Combat: During combat, unit abilities and tactical spells can help restore health. Some units and heroes may have special abilities or items that can heal your units during combat. For example, the Wand of Healing is an item that can heal units in combat.

Nature Perk: If you invest in the nature perk, your units will heal faster. This perk increases the healing rate per turn.

Empire Tree Benefit: Investing in the Empire Tree can unlock a benefit that increases the amount of healing per turn. This works both in and outside of your empire’s borders.

Hero Skills and Equipment: Your heroes can learn skills or equip items that enhance the regeneration rate of your army. Some of these items and skills might provide a healing aura, healing your units over time, or provide a single-use, larger heal.

Remember: Healing in Age of Wonders 4 is a strategic element. Knowing when and where to heal can make the difference between victory and defeat. Make sure to use all the healing methods available to you, from resting in your cities to using healing abilities and spells, and strategically equip your heroes to maximize their healing output.

Healing is an essential part of maintaining your army’s strength, so be sure to invest in those abilities, perks, and benefits that enhance your healing capabilities.

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