Food Recipes that you can Cook in Above Snakes

List of Various Recipes you can cook in the game Above Snakes

In Above Snakes, you get to play chef by mixing different food items. Depending on what you throw in the pot, you’ll end up with different kinds of food (or not). This guide lists some of the recipes you can make in the game.

How Recipes work?

You can combine up to three ingredients to cook up a meal in the game. The end result, and its stats, depend on how well your chosen ingredients match. Nail the right combo, and you can whip up a recipe that doesn’t just fill you up, but also boosts your stats and even gives you some handy buffs. The fun part? It’s up to you to discover these power-boosting recipes.
How cooking and recipes work in Above Snakes
Get Creative & Discover New Recipes

List of Recipes:



Recipe for cooking Fertilizer in Above Snakes
Cook fertilizer for your crops, with 3 bones at the campfire you build in the tutorial.

Mint Tea (3 Types)

There are 3 kinds of Mint Teas that you can make. Just like the carrots, wild mint can also found in the Prairie Biomes and Honey can be found in Bee Nests.
3 Different Types of Mint Tea Recipes in Above Snakes
Make Weak, Regular, or Smooth Mint Tea using Fresh Water, Wild Mint & Honey


Vanilla flowers for Syrup can be found in the Prairie Biomes too.
Syrup Recipe in Above Snakes
1 Honey + 1 Vanilla Flower makes a bottle of Syrup

Huckleberry Bowl

Good old bowl of berry fruits.
Huckleberry Bowl Recipe in Above Snakes
3 Units of Huckleberry make a Huckleberry Bowl

Mushroom Soup

King Bolete for Mushroom Soup recipe can be found in Pine Forest Biomes.
Recipe for cooking Mushroom Soup in Above Snakes
Cook Mushroom Soup using 2 King Bolete & 1 Water

Carrot Soup

If you want to collect carrots for carrot soup, look for them in the Prairie Biomes.
Recipe for cooking Carrot Soup in Above Snakes
One Water + 2 Carrots makes Carrot Soup

Grilled Fish Skewer / Grilled Fish

To get fish meat you’re going to have to gut the fish you catch.
Grilled Fish and Grilled Fish Skewer Recipe in Above Snakes
Cook “Grilled Fish Skewer” with 3 pieces or “Grilled Fish” with 1 piece of Fish Meat.

Meat (Cooked)

You can get raw meat by hunting deers and rabbits.
Cooked Meat Recipe in Above Snakes
1 Raw Piece of Meat makes the Cooked Meat Recipe
That’s it. Have fun with these and expand your culinary repertoire!